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"This smells of blood. Old blood."
Olivia Durant

The Thulian Transports are utilities featured within Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Frozen Dawn. They are giant pods used to travel to different parts of the map.


There are a total of five Thulian Transports, three of them are available during regular gameplay. They are located in the Crash Site, the Blood Altar and the Passage. Unlike the Thulian Transport in the Crash Site, the Tulian Transports in the Passage and in the Blood Altar will open automatically the first time the player enters the rooms.

The Thulian Transport in the Blood Altar will lead the player to the Crash Site, the one in Crash Site to the Passage and the one in the Passage to the Blood Altar. 250 Jolts is required to use a Thulian Transport for the first time and the cost increases by 500 jolts for every use in a single wave. Two Corpse Eaters will spawn everytime a Transport is used.

To unlock the Ubersprengen, the player needs press a button in front of the Thulian Transport in the Passage and then uses each of the three Transports. Each Transport will now lead the player to a room called Lost in Blood where they'll be able to use the Ubersprengen before returning to the map.

Another Thulian Transport can be used to access the Trial of the Moonraven and the last one is used to access God King's Citadel.


There are a total of five Thulian Transports around the map.

  • Near the crashed plane in the Crash Site.
  • Inside the Passage.
  • Near the blood pool in Blood Altar.
  • Between the Overlook and the Phylactery.
  • On the right when entering the Ice Caves.


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