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For Similar weaponry from other Zombies modes, see Wonder Weapons.
For Similar weaponry that utilise Geistkraft technology, see Geistkraft Weaponry.

Thulian Weaponry are unique ancient melee weapons that are related to the ancient city of Thule and the four Raven Lord orders. They are the crux of the origins of Geistkraft energy and the story of Nazi Zombies. They are exclusively found in the Nazi Zombies mode of Call of Duty: WWII.

Red TalonEdit

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Red Talon first person WWII

The Red Talon is a Thulian Weapon belonging to one of the Raven Lords that served under Frederick Barbarossa during his reign. It is located within The Final Reich and is required for a step of the extended story Easter Egg.

Barbarossa's PommelEdit

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Barbarossa's Sword Pommel WWII

The Barbarossa's Pommel is a section of the Sword of Barbarossa that acts as a tactical grenade weapon and that can be acquired in the secret ritual room in The Darkest Shore. Once the player(s) have sacrificed a Wüstling, a Pest and a Meuchler respectively for Nerthus, the Hilt will appear. When thrown onto the ground, it creates an explosion that will instantly kill zombies and will form a energy bubble afterwards. The weapon has a 10-15 seconds cooldown time before it can be used again. The Barbarossa's Pommel must be used to defeat the Meistermeuchler bosses.

The Pommel is then obtained again by Bureau of Archaic Technologies alongside the Hilt during The Tortured Path with the Pommel being obtained during Across The Depths.

Blade of BarbarossaEdit

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Blade of Barbarossa WWII

The Blade of Barbarossa is a section of the Sword of Barbarossa that acts as a melee weapon that is featured in The Shadowed Throne. To acquire the blade, the player(s) must unlock the Refuge within the church by placing all three special melee weapons on the wall. After completing the puzzle in the refuge and placed the ravens on the correct spots, a portion of the statue of Frederick Barbarossa will break and the blade is revealed. The Blade has two functions, one that acts as a powerful standard melee weapon and one that sends an arc of energy that kills Zombies.

The Blade is then reforged by Bureau of Archaic Technologies agents alongside the Hilt and Pommel during The Tortured Path during the events of Beneath The Ice into Sword of Barbarossa for use against the hordes.

Sword of BarbarossaEdit

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Sword of Barbarossa Ingame WWII

The Sword of Barbarossa is an ancient Thulian sword crafted at Thule and most famously used by Frederick Barbarossa that was deconstucted by the Raven Lords after his death before being reforged by the efforts of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Program and Bureau of Archaic Technologies. It is rewarded after the completion of all three story Easter Eggs during The Tortured Path. If the player then completes an Easter Egg after completing all three, they will be instead rewarded with the completed Sword of Barbarossa for the remainder of the mission.

Roar of Sang'ketEdit

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Roar of Sang'ket WWII

The Roar of Sang'ket is an ancient Thulian shield that was used by the Raven Lord of the Bloodraven order, Sang'ket and has two variants, the unpowered Thulian Shield and the Roar of Sang'ket that is obtained by completing the Trial of the Bloodraven.

Fang of An'heistEdit

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Fang of An'heist WWII

The Fang of An'heist is an ancient Thulian war scythe that was used by the Raven Lord of the Deathraven order, An'heist and has two variants, the unpowered Thulian Scythe and the Fang of An'heist that is obtained by completing the Trial of the Deathraven.

Talon of Lu'rothEdit

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Talon of Lu'roth WWII

The Talon of Lu'roth is an ancient Thulian flail that has had its head de-attached from the haft that was used by the Raven Lord of the Moonraven order, Lu'roth and has two variants, the unpowered Broken Flail and the Talon of Lu'roth that is obtained by completing the Trial of the Moonraven.

Fist of Tal'rekEdit

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Fist of Tal'rek WWII

The Fist of Tal'rek is an ancient Thulian hammer that was used by the Raven Lord of the Stormraven order, Tal'rek and has two variants, the unpowered Thulian Hammer and the Fist of Tal'rek that is obtained by completing the Trial of the Stormraven.

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