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The Ticket Vendor is a Zombies utility featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode.

Overview Edit

The Ticket Vendor is a utility featured in Zombies in Spaceland which players go to to purchase Lethal Grenades, Tactical Grenades and the Arcane Core. To purchase something from a Ticket Vendor, the player needs Tickets, which they can earn from N31L, dead zombies and the Arcade.

Ticket Vendors are spread throughout the map, with multiple in each region of the map. The Ticket Vendor items are always randomized with each vendor. Each item from a Ticket Vendor can only be purchased once. After a certain number of rounds however, the contents of a Ticket Vendor are regenerated, coupled with an announcement from David Hasselhoff speaking of the regeneration.

All items bought from a Ticket Vendor are not replenished in the player's inventory in event of a Max Ammo being picked up.

Locations Edit

Journey Into SpaceEdit

  • Found in front of the entrance to the Astrocade.
  • Found next to the Magic Wheel spawn outside the Bumper Cars.

Keplar SystemEdit

Polar Peak Edit

  • Directly in front of the entrance to Polar Peak.
  • Found next to the Steel Dragon Trap.


  • Found outside of the break room with the Racin' Stripes perk machine.

Items Purchasable Edit

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