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"Everybody get down!... Ah, no wait, false alarm."
Samuel J. Stuhlinger

The Time Bomb is a Wonder Weapon that is featured in the Zombies map Buried. The bomb itself resembles a golden block of C4 with a clock on it, while the detonator resembles a golden pocketwatch. The player throws the bomb similarly to a C4, and when detonated, it will slowly distort time and eventually it will send all players back in time to when they first threw it. An icon will appear above the current round the player is on, indicating what round it was placed. Detonating it will send all players back to that round with all weapons, perks and points they had during that round, at the locations they were at when the bomb was placed. This can be used as a very effective strategy if the player is killed or has made some mistake they wish to correct. 

Each Time Bomb placed can only be activated once. Activating the pocket watch detonator will produce no effect if the Time Bomb has already been used. If a player gets a Max Ammo, they will be able to place another Time Bomb, replacing the previously placed Time Bomb.

Use of the Time Bomb will also reverse deposits and withdrawals from both the Bank and Weapon Locker, however it does not rewind doors opened or things broken by Arthur, buildables created and placed, power ups (with the exception of perk bottle), the Mystery Box or Easter Egg progress. This means a player can drop a Time Bomb, withdraw their savings and use it to open/destroy everything on the map, and detonate the bomb to ensure the money is back in the bank.




  • Stats, opened doors, power-ups, equipment and the Mystery Box's location are not changed by the Time Bomb.
    • The perk bottle power-up however is affected. If a player reverts time to before they received a perk bottle, they will lose whichever perk they gained.
  • If a Time Bomb is used when a player is down, the player that was down will be revived after the Time Bomb is used.
    • A downed player revived by a Time Bomb will count on the scoreboard as having revived themselves.
  • If a Time Bomb is detonated having been placed before a player arrived on a server, the player will spawn similarly to when a round ends while dead.
  • The Time Bomb plays a part on both sides of the Mined Games Easter Egg.
  • Only one player can have the Time Bomb at a time.
  • Even if the Time Bomb has been thrown, in third-person, the player is still holding it.
  • The Time Bomb will replace the Monkey Bomb, even though they take up different slots.
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