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After traveling to the past for the first time:

Tank Dempsey: Woah, okay, what the hell just happened?

Nikolai Belinski: Why does everything look blue?

Takeo Masaki: Look! There is an eclipse!

Edward Richtofen: Fascinating. And look, there is a giant meteor on top of the temple! I must have it in my pockets!

Dempsey: Yeah, good luck with that...Lets go find out what's going on.

After pushing the stone tablet:

Brock: Hello? Hello, is anyone out here?

The following line depends on who pressed the button

Dempsey: Hey! There's somebody in there!

Nikolai: Hey guys! There's some British guys behind this wall!

Richtofen: The voices! Wait, these are real voices.

Takeo: Hello? Where are you?

Brock: We are stuck behind some sort of mechanism. Whatever you did moved it slightly. We really could use some help here!

After the first match with the stone tablets is done:

Brock: Hey, the stone is moving! It seems to be working!

After matching a tablet:

Nikolai: Hey we got one!

Takeo: That was match.

After matching incorrectly:

Takeo: That was not match.

Nikolai: I don't think that was right!

After successfully matching all the tablets and the first crystal appears:

Brock: Oh, wonderful! There appears to be some sort of crystal rising from the walls!

Dempsey: Well well well. I have no idea what that is.

Nikolai: Oh, a diamond-thingy! I could use that for next wife!

Takeo: A crystal rises. A blossom swirls in autumn-twilight.

Richtofen: Oh, look! A Focusing Crystal! I was wondering where that went...

Brock: There's a passageway below. We have to push on down to have any chance of escape!

Gary: Thanks, whoever you guys are!

While activating the eclipse again:

Dempsey: Ah great, not again.

Nikolai: It sounds like they're fifth wife!

Takeo: What is happening now?

Richtofen: Oh my! That strange man and his servant are in a bit of a bind!

Brock: We are trapped down here by two gates, and the water is rising! Can you see any way to open these gates?

Going down the water slide.

Dempsey: Yeah, yeah. Find the button. Pull the string. Yada yada yada!

Nikolai: Yeah, I need a break anyway!

Takeo: We shall free you, from your predicament.

Richtofen: Well it seems our destinies are entwined...

After the pressure-plate below the water-slide is triggered.

Brock: That did it! This leg is free and the way is clear!

Takeo: Do you hear that? It must be working!

Dempsey: I'm just about done helping you guys!

Richtofen: Don't be so daft, Dempsey- we've been raising the Focusing Crystals!

Nikolai: Wait, what?

Richtofen: Never mind...gorgeous.

After shooting the meteor down.

Nikolai: Ah! I cannot believe that worked!

After shrinking the meteor.

Dempsey: It worked! Awesomesauce!

After the meteor lands on the Focusing Crystal rod.

Takeo: By the grace of the emperor!

After the valve is turned.

Brock: That seems to have stopped the gas! I wish I could come out there and thank you in person, but we are still trapped in this chamber!

Gary: What?! You've gotta be kidding me!

Brock: Oh no! The walls appear to be moving! Can you find a way to stop this before we are crushed?

Dempsey: Yeah, you guys are nothing but trouble.

Nikolai: Oh geez, this wall is talking to me!

Takeo: Your death shall not rest on my hands!

Richtofen: Of course! I would hate to waste a good spleen!

While gas leaks are lit on fire:

Nikolai: Well what I'm wondering is why is there a trash compactor in an ancient temple!?

Richtofen: Well, What else would they do with their trash?

Brock: Excuse me gentlemen, but we are running out of time in here! The room is getting cramped, and we don't have much time!

Gary: We're gonna die!!

After the lever is pulled.

Brock: That did it!

Gary: Let's get outta here, before spikes shoot out of the walls and the floor opens up to a pit of lava!

After step eight is activated.

Brock: Hello?! We're stuck down here! If you could somehow fill it up with water we could get out!

Dempsey: Oh boy, little Timmy's stuck in the well.

Nikolai: That cave sounds like that wall!

Takeo: The waters will flow, and you will reach the sky!

Richtofen: Oh goodie, we meet again! I'll take a look around...

While the Spikemores are set off.

Nikolai: It plugged up some of the holes!

After all holes a plugged.

Nikolai: Well we've blocked all of the holes; what now?

Brock: There is water filling the well, but it's not filling fast enough to reach the top!

After step eight is completed.

Richtofen: They keep dying in the most creative ways!

Nikolai: Sadist.

Richtofen: Oh thank you, Nikolai! And you don't smell as bad as usual; there!

Takeo: I think you have all lost your minds! Let's hurry up and find them!

After snare trap is blown up.

Richtofen: That seems to have worked!

Dempsey: Wait, so how do they know the code now? I'm confused...

Richtofen: Don't be daft, Dempsey; we finished the glyphs for them, so when they got here in the future, they were able to read them because we changed the past. So the past-present, never actually happened because we went to-

Dempsey: What?!

Nikolai: Oh, all this gives me headache!

Takeo: Let's just find out where to use this "code"!

After the last crystal is raised.

Richtofen: Good, it seems all the Focusing Crystals are raised...what now?

Dempsey: Why don't you tell us, Richtofen? You seem to know what you're doing here...

Richtofen: Yeah, that is true...

Nikolai: So, what do we need to do?

Richtofen: I don't know yet, but I will when we do it. And then I will have everything that I need- I mean, hey maybe we should go see where those guys are stuck...

After all the gongs are knifed.

Takeo: The crystals are resonating with honor!

After the meteor is shrunk.

Nikolai: Wow! That was amazing!

When the four characters reach the top of the temple.

Gary: If we had a stick of dynamite I could get us in there!

Brock: Well unless you brought some I think we're not getting any further!

Gary: I had some in my bag but dropped it when we were attacked by that horde of zombies!

Dempsey: Hey, pyro-puses, we might be able to help with that!

Nikolai: Hey guys, it's happening again!

Takeo: Dynamite. I find your dynamite.

Richtofen: Dynamite! Wunderbar!

Gary: Ok, you bring me that dynamite and I'll open this up like a can of beans! Then can we get out of here?!

Brock: Of course, I just need to see the inside of the temple!

Gary: Alright, here we go- everybody get back!!

After Focusing Stone is retrieved

Richtofen: It's mine.....MINE! I'LL CONTROL THEM ALL!!