"The President of Panama (Manuel Noriega) lends his PDF armed forces to help the CIA capture Menendez at his drug cartel compound in Nicaragua."
— Mission description

"Time and Fate" is the fourth mission in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II single-player campaign. In this mission, the player controls Alex Mason as he joins Hudson and the Panamanian Defense Forces in a raid of Menendez's mansion. In the earlier part of the mission, the player also controls Raul Menendez at the time of the raid and as he attempts to save his sister, Josefina.



Mason, Hudson, Woods, Manuel Noriega and his men are waiting on a cliff near where Raul Menendez is. Noriega gives an order under Mason's command. Control then shifts to Menendez, who is sitting with his sister Josefina. A knock on the door prompts Menendez to open it, where a soldier is shot and Menendez and his sister are captured.

One of the soldiers grabs Josefina and begins to assault and taunt her, at one point slamming her into her vanity, breaking a glass object. Menendez then goes mad with rage, escapes the soldiers holding him, and stabs the offending soldier with a shard of glass multiple times in the neck, killing him. Menendez is then given a sedative and loses consciousness. When he comes to, two guards and Noriega are looking at him. Noriega cocks a SPAS-12 but shoots his own troops instead of Menedez. He then unties Menendez, saying he should be in US hands right now.

Noriega releases him calling it, "a favour". Menendez then assaults him, picks up his SPAS-12 and rampages through the village to find and save Josefina. The player has an extreme amount of health during this sequence, courtesy of Menendez's sheer rage. When Menendez reaches the building where Josefina is, Woods sees him and fires at him, but misses. The player then sees a grenade bounce off a wall and into Josefina's room, killing her.

Control then shifts back to Mason, as the player fights through the town to cover Menendez's capture. Halfway through the mission, Woods will lose control and focus relentlessly on killing Menendez, similar to Mason's obsession in Black Ops with killing Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner (Although Mason was brainwashed). When the player reaches a ladder leading into a cocaine laboratory, Hudson will tell Mason to keep an eye on Woods.

When the player exits the lab and enters the building with Woods, they both will see Menendez. Woods will start firing his Galil, but Mason pushes him against the wall, preventing the gunfire from hitting Menendez. Woods then pushes Mason away from him and tries to throw a frag grenade at Menendez, but Mason knocks his hand, causing it to kill Josefina. The mission ends with Mason waking up in the destroyed building, and seeing Menendez apparently dead in a body bag, although this obviously isn't true as Menendez is present in the 2025 section of the campaign. Hudson will then tell Mason and Woods that today never happened,  and the mission is ended.

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Completing 2 challanges unlocks Quickdraw perk for single player loadout. Completing 5 challenges unlocks the Longer Sprint perk for the single player loadout.

  • Eliminate PDF enemies (x7) with shotguns in under 10 seconds.
  • Eliminate PDF enemies (x8) with truck mounted MG.
  • Rendezvous with Josefina in under 140 seconds.
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with Molotovs (x12)
  • Crash an enemy truck.
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with mortars (x10).
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with machete (x10).
  • Locate evidence of CIA presence.
  • Collect intel (x3).
  • 100% survivability rating.

Weapon Loadout

Recommended Loadout

Menendez loadout

Found in Level

Access Kit Usage

  • After taking control of Mason once again, there is a locked crate in one of the buildings which contains Molotov Cocktails.
  • Before reaching the mansion, there is a garage that Mason can go inside. There is an ammo crate and some Mortars.
  • When going into the drug basement, there is a locked door which Mason can pick and open to get a Machete. There is also a weapon cache, which includes several SPAS-12's, Galil's and AK-74u's.


Intel Items


  • The description of the mission labels Noriega as the President of Panama even though he never held this position.
  • If the player takes signifiant damage while controlling Menendez, his SPAS-12 can be reloaded by simply flipping it off-screen and back on for about two seconds. This animation seems to take the same amount of time no matter how many shots have been fired. Except if the player only fires three or less shots.
  • Just before going into the mansion as Mason, Menendez can be seen in the distance walking towards the barn. (He will walk even if the player did something else at the time). However, when playing as Menendez, Woods, Mason or Hudson cannot be seen when heading into the barn.
  • The song playing at the beginning of Menendez' part, "Niño Precioso" (track from Call of Duty: Black Ops II Official Soundtrack) features the vocal of Kamar de los Reyes, who is Menendez' voice actor.
  • When looking through the binoculars when about to play as Mason, the gun used to kill the soldier is right next to his head, but when playing as Menendez it is shot from farther away.
  • When viewing the grenade bounce down the hall at the end of the mission, it bounces off the door very close to the ground, but at the end of playing as Menendez, it is about halfway up the door.
  • When playing as Menendez, players have a very large amount of health, allowing them to take a lot more damage then normal.
  • When playing as Menendez, he will scream violently when taking damage and sprinting.
  • When playing as Menendez, there is limited heads-up display (only crosshairs are visible), likely because the player doesn't have lethal and tactical equipment and any weapon the player is using has unlimited ammo.
  • After Menendez chokes Noriega you can shoot him with the SPAS-12 but he will still come back in the later mission.
  • While playing as Mason, some PDF soldiers are lying dead but it seen that they are still alive and if the player shoots them, it will be a penalty.
  • While using the binoculars, seeing Mendenez, the actions were much faster then when the player is playing with Mendenez.
  • This level is similar to Rebirth on Call of Duty: Black Ops, as the perspective of the mission is seen from both Mason and Menendez. The difference is that the events seen from each perspective are true, not what the characters think they see.
  • This is the last time Hudson is seen wearing his shades in Black Ops II, as he doesn't get the opportunity to wear them in Suffer With Me.
    • This is also the last mission young Woods is seen (except for his reflection in Suffer with Me).
      • This is also the last mission where Mason is playable
  • When playing as Menendez, when he sees Mason and Woods, Mason is seen holding an AK-47 even if the loadout chosen at the beginning of the level does not have it.
  • During Menendez's section when the grenade enters the screen, the camera shifts to the left, showing Mason on the floor after deflecting the grenade and Woods stumbling.
  • While playing Menendez, and if the subtitles on, there is one script that Menendez uses one English line to call Josefina by screaming to her saying "Josefina! Hold on, I'm coming!" The rest is Spanish.
    • Josefina also sometimes screams "Help me!" in English.
  • In the beginning, Woods says; "Menendez was in Nicaragua, got that from Kravchenko". But durning Kravchenko's interrogation in Old Wounds, Kravchenko never mentions where Menendez was. And in the beginning, Noriega even says "I told you he would be here".
  • This is the only mission in Black Ops II where Woods wears his headband, but it's unknown if Woods wore it in the Invasion of Panama.
  • While playing as Mason, once the player has cleared out the first room in the cocaine labs go to the right at the entrance to the next corridor, there will be a C.I.A memo on the desk (which can be picked up). This will effect the text on the player's career record and the speech given when Noriega is captured in "Suffer with Me".
  • Menendez' SPAS-12 (which was formerly Noriega's) holds more bullets than a regular SPAS-12 (Regular holds 8 and Extended Clip has 11) as it holds around 16 bullets. Possibly it's special made, since Noriega is a General.
  • When playing as Mason, a bug occurs as the player gets to the mansion. If the MG truck heading towards the player is destroyed, and the player gets in and then gets out, Mason may fall out of the world.
  • When Menendez is running with his SPAS-12, he will run diffrently than another playable character with a SPAS-12.
  • When playing as Menendez, Josefina's face will often appear on the players screen while Menendez hears her scream out for help. 


Man of the People (15 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF.

Driven by Rage (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Take down Menendez and his operation.

Old Fashioned (50 Gamerscore/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Complete "Pyrrhic Victory", "Old Wounds", "Time and Fate", and "Suffer with Me" in Veteran.


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