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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Tin Man Heart is the main quest of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies map Mauer der Toten. It requires players to find Valentina and kill her, while preventing the Forsaken from entering the world. Requirements for the quest include active power and Pack-a-Punch, Klaus being upgraded at least once, and the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard and its Blazer upgrade.

Step 1

The player will need to acquire the CRBR-S Blazer and activate Klaus. Once done, head down to the Sewer Access and direct Klaus towards the wall at the far side of the sewer, which Klaus will punch and destroy, revealing a reinforced wall. From there, the player must use the CRBR-S Blazer and keep shooting the reinforced wall until it disappears, revealing a secret Endstation lab. Heading into the newly opened area will automatically end the current round and begin a Tormentor wave. Completing the wave will remove the two orange barriers covering two of the devices in the room.

Step 2

Three empty essence canisters will rise from a pedestal in the Secret Lab. The player must pick them up a deliver them to the three Essence Harvesters around the map. These devices are medium sized boxes with green lights, and are randomly placed in different locations each game. The locations for each of the potential harvester spawns are as followed:

  • Sewer Access — On the wall in the main room near the XM4 wallbuy.
  • West Berlin Street — Against the metal shed with the Stoner 63 wallbuy.
  • Alley — Next to the dumpster.
  • Ghost Station — Near the small office ticket window on the platform.
  • Korber Rooftop — Adjacent from Speed Cola.
  • Destroyed Penthouse — In the room to the right of the zipline leading into the Grocery Store.
  • East Berlin Streets — In the alley between the Bar and the Electronics Shop.

Once the canisters are in place, the player must return to the Secret Lab and shoot open the cabinet that was locked by the orange barrier with the CRBR-S Blazer, revealing an Endstation Lure. Note the player can have only one lure at a time, but it will continue to respawn in the cabinet once used. The player must return to one of the Essence Harvesters and throw down the lure nearby, causing three Tempests to spawn. Killing 3-6 Tempests will cause the canister to be charged with purple energy, allowing it to be picked up in the exact manner as the Retrieve objective in Outbreak. The player must now deliver the charged canister back to the pedestal in the Secret Lab, during which various enemies such as Manglers and Tormentors will spawn to attack the player. The step will be finished once all three canisters are returned.

Step 3

Once Klaus has been upgraded at least once, the player must direct him onto the far eastern set of tracks on the opposite side of Mule Kick at the Ghost Station, causing him to hold up his hands. The player must go to the Switch Control Room, where the player can now switch the train lines via a lever on the computer terminals. Upon doing so, a two-car train will pass by, only for Klaus to stop it should he be in position. The player must now quickly board the train and collect both a nuclear warhead and a keycard belonging to Agent Rico from it before the train is forced to continue down the track. If the player is unable to collect all of the required items in time, the player must wait a round before the lever can be flipped again to summon the new train.

Step 4

Using Rico's Keycard, the player can interact with a Requiem terminal in the Safe House displaying a red Requiem logo, causing it to turn green and enabling the player to use it. The player must browse through its contents until it displays the Dimensional Disruptor, though the player will be denied access of using it. To gain access, the player must build the Hacking Helm for Klaus to bypass the security clearance. In order to assemble the helm, the player must use the CRBR-S and any of its variants to destroy various electronic equipment around the map. The following items needed to build the helm are as followed:

  • Antenna – Located at the Apartment Rooftop. Shoot the antennae tower on the rooftop with the CRBR-S to knock it down, allowing the player to collect an antenna.
  • Transistor – Located at the Electronics Store. The player must use the CRBR-S to destroy one of the three cassette players around the store until one of them drops a transistor.
  • Electronic Boards – Located at the Ghost Station. On the platform with the stairs leading up, head to the ticket window and look for a green box above the sign. Shooting this with the CRBR-S will destroy it, revealing some electronic boards for the player to collect.

Once all three parts have been assembled, the player can craft the Hacking Helm on Klaus while he is sitting down. Klaus will then remotely bypass the security clearance, allowing the player to use the Dimensional Disruptor.

Note that it is possible to build and install the Hacking Helm on Klaus well before this step, allowing Klaus to bypass the security almost immediately after reaching it.

Step 5

Upon interacting with the computer displaying the Dimensional Disruptor, Requiem Control will count down and shoot a beam of energy down into the center of Checkpoint Charlie, summoning an Apex Megaton, two Apex Mimics and a horde of zombies. Upon killing the Megaton and its splinters, it will drop two chunks of corrupted Uranium, starting a five minute timer. Within the time limit, the player must transport one of the Uranium chunks to one of two Workbenches at the Military Tent or West Berlin Street to craft a Uranium Device. With the completed device, the player must place it on one of the two ends of the zipline connecting the Destroyed Penthouse and Korber Rooftop, and repeat the process with the other Uranium chunk. During this process, both the Uranium chunk and device will slowly damage the player over time. The player will also be given the option to drop either items if they are too low on health.

Once both Uranium Devices are installed on the zipline, the devices will use the zipline simultaneously and collide in the center, dropping a singular uncorrupted Uranium Rock and ending the timer. The players must now bring the rock to the pedestal in the Secret Lab. Once installed, the player must repeat the entire step one more time on the following round, with the only difference being the Dimensional Disruptor's beam location changing to the Apartment Rooftop. After installing the second Uranium Rock, the boss fight against Valentina will commence.

Should the player fail to make the complete Uranium Rock within the five minute timer during either attempts to make one, the uranium will detonate, forcefully ending the match.

Step 6

A red rift will manifest in the portal chamber of the Secret Lab, revealing a Dark Aether-corrupted Valentina. After a brief monologue, Valentina will engage the player in battle, trapping them in the Secret Lab for the time until she relocates. For much of the battle, Valentina will constantly generate a blue shield around her, though this can be destroyed relatively easily. During the fight, Valentina will implore zombies to attack the player while she herself will attack with her own unique attacks. Whenever 20% of her health is depleted, Valentina will flee to another part of the map, and can be tracked by an icon over her position; Valentina will flee to the Destroyed Penthouse, East Berlin Streets, Checkpoint Charlie and West Berlin Street before returning to the Secret Lab for the last portion of her health. If with a group of players, everyone will be automatically teleported to Valentina's new position if one player approaches her, including when beginning the battle at the start of the step.

Throughout the battle, Valentina will utilize these attacks:

  • Valentina will manifest three orange orbs above her and launch a concentrated flechette of orange crystals towards a select player.
  • Valentina will summon a ring of zombies around her in attempt to drain them of their health to replenish her own. The player can counter this by quickly destroying the zombies.
  • Valentina will summon a swarm of Tormentors to attack the player.
  • Starting when she reaches the first new area of the battle, Valentina will charge up a blue ball of energy, causing the player's screen to gain a mist-like effect. The player must take cover behind something out of sight from Valentina, who will detonate the energy into an insta-kill attack. If the player has Juggernog upgraded to Tier V and still has armor, they can survive the blast without taking cover.

After depleting all of her health, Valentina will collapse onto the ground, horrified by her defeat. The player can then capture her by interacting with her. A brief cutscene will play where Valentina is destroyed to charge up the Inversion warhead being built by the player, to which Klaus will pick up.

Step 7

After the cutscene, Klaus will begin slowly walking into the portal with the Inversion warhead in hand. All the player has to do is protect Klaus from a swarm of zombies emerging from the portal. After reaching the end of the portal, Klaus will bid the player farewell before entering the portal and detonating the warhead from within. The player will then be rewarded the Tin Man Heart Dark Ops calling card if the quest is completed for the first time, followed by the ending cutscene.

Should the player fail to protect Klaus, the game will end in failure.



  • The name of the Main Quest is in reference to the children's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and to that of the character of the Tin Woodman, whom wishes to gain a heart from the Wizard of Oz.
    • Hugo Jager both makes reference to this and the name of the Quest in one of his quotes upon seeing Klaus, stating "Requiem has its very own tin man! Was it sent here to find its heart? Or just its hands?"