"To The Motherland" is the fourteenth level of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), where the player must fight into a Soviet office to recover important documents.



Start off by quickly picking off the patrolling guards from the back to the front. There are several more guards to the left when the squad moves up. An additional guard will walk down a balcony and will likely spot the squad unless he is picked off. If Shaw has somehow remained hidden, a sniper will appear from a balcony ahead. Sometimes the sniper's fire will not alert his comrades and the squad can continue with only scattered groups of Russians discovering the squad and subsequently being taken out before they can alert reinforcements.

If the patrolling guards do spot the SOG operatives, multiple reinforcements will be alerted. Beside a truck to the left is an AK-47 with a grenade launcher. Further down the streets is the military facility, where multiple enemies will enter from an elevator and a roped off area. Enter the elevator and choose the second floor.

No matter what happened during the approach, the squad will engage some enemies that are behind a bench and coming through a hall. By the bench is a Remington 870. Now the squad will reach an large room with Russians coming from the upper floor, an elevator, and other locations. behind a counter that Shaw can mantle over is a MAT-49 and in a box is another Remington 870. Once the troops are defeated, more will rappel in through the windows.

Once the reinforcements are defeated, Ruiz and Patterson will breach the front door of the office, while Shaw has to breach the side door. Kill the officers directly in front of you before attacking those barricaded behind the desk. Grab the documents on the desk and the level will be completed.


  • Even though the mission is set in Eastern Russia, the sign in the beginning of the mission reads "HOTEL" which is in English not Russian.
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