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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"Semi-auto shotgun that offers a consistent damage output."
— Description

The Toggle Action (referred to as Walther in the game files) is a magazine-fed semi-automatic shotgun featured in Call of Duty: WWII.


The Toggle Action boasts similar damage stats to the 205 Brecci and the Reaver from previous games. Its low damage per shot and decently high fire rate allow for consistent damage output, but in most cases it won't net a one-shot kill outside of hardcore game modes. Generally, the gun is a 3 shot kill in core game modes. The Toggle Action has a point blank one-shot kill range (directly next to the enemy). Players using the other three shotguns have a distinct advantage over the Toggle Action user in that they kill in 1 shot. However, if the first shot misses or fails to kill, especially when hipfiring, the player using the Toggle Action can easily dispose of the enemy.

It is best used with Extended Mags and Advanced Rifling, due to its low magazine size and bad damage range, respectively. Players can also use Incendiary Rounds to combat the low damage output, by having the afterburn effect leave their opponent's health diminished.

In the November 9th, 2017 update, the Toggle Action was buffed with increased damage at extremely close range.[1]

Nazi Zombies

The Toggle Action can only be obtained from the Mystery Box in Zombies mode. It boasts good damage, being a 2-3 shot kill until the late teen rounds. It is the most effective shotgun, with it being semi-automatic, to dish out a large amount of damage in a short period of time. Also, the Toggle Action reloads using a magazine, which allows the player to always have rounds to use, as well as a quicker reload.

When upgraded via the Ubersprengen, it becomes Lucky. The Lucky is not as powerful as the Combat Shotgun or the M30 Luftwaffe Drilling (in their upgraded forms) in terms of pure damage, but more than makes up for it by being able to kill zombies in the player's way, without worrying about failing to kill in one shot. The Lucky, like the 205 Brecci, can easily kill special zombies like the Brenner and Wüstling quickly.


Attachment Unlock level Stats Upgraded Stats
Reflex Sight menu icon WWII.png
Reflex Sight
Weapon Level 6
Zombies level 11
Sight changed to a Reflex Sight.
Quickdraw menu icon WWII.png
Weapon Level 3
Zombies level 4
Faster aim down sights time.
Steady Aim menu icon WWII.png
Steady Aim
Weapon Level 4
Zombies level 36
Reduced hipfire cone size.
Extended Mag menu icon WWII.png
Extended Mags
Weapon Level 5
Zombies level 32
Magazine increased to 12
Reserve ammo increased to
Magazine increased to 18
Reserve ammo increased to 126
Advanced Rifling menu icon WWII.png
Advanced Rifling
Weapon Level 6
Zombies level 18
Increased damage falloff range.
Rapid Fire menu icon WWII.png
Rapid Fire
Weapon Level 7
Zombies level 25
Rate of fire increase to 182 RPM
Incendiary Rounds menu icon WWII.png
Incendiary Shells
Weapon Level 8 Eight Incendiary Shells that can be swapped to. N/A


Name Rarity Zombies Perk Operation Unlock Notes
Winter's Wild Epic Operation: Overlord "Winter's Wild" collection reward.
Winter's Wild II Heroic Supply Drop
Engima Epic Zombies Mode Perk Icon WWII.png Body Count Operation: Overlord "Toggle Action" collection reward.
Engima II Heroic Supply Drop
Flag Top Epic Supply Drop
Flag Top II Heroic Supply Drop
Dynamo Epic Supply Drop
Dynamo II Heroic Supply Drop