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Top Camper is an achievement featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the zombies map Rave in the Redwoods. It requires the player to earn every singe camp badge in the map.

There are a total of five different challenges the player has to complete in order to obtain the achievement. The challenges can be started by interacting with one of the five totem poles around the map. One can be found by the Waterfall Trap, two can be found at the Camp by the Old Marvin Mine, another can be found by the entrance to the room with the bank and the last can be found on the White Tail Beach. The challenges are:

  1. Kill # Zombies with melee weapons.
  2. Kill # Zombies from a distance.
  3. Get # Multikills.
  4. Kill # Crawlers.
  5. Rebuild # windows.

Completing all of the five challenges will unlock the achievement.

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