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Toss Back is a Tier 3 perk in Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer that gives a player the ability to reset the fuse of a thrown grenade to two and a half seconds, regardless of how long the grenade was cooked. The moment a player with the Toss Back perk picks up a grenade, the grenade timer is reset. This perk is unlocked at level 6.


This perk can be used well to counter grenades, specifically cooked-off grenades. It is also useful in Headquarters and War for players who are capturing the flag or HQ and don't want to be killed by incoming grenades.

This perk is vital in completing challenges which involve throwing back grenades. Keep in mind to pick up the grenade as it hits the ground, as some players, particularly experienced players, will cook the grenade to nearly the maximum time limit so as to make it explode as soon as it reaches the ground.

This perk may seem underused at times but is a great perk if used correctly. When in maps such as Makin or Makin Day, there may be a large building or vantage point used for sniping. Using Bouncing Betties on the entrances is useful, but when other players learn of the player's presence, they will attempt to throw a grenade into the building the player is in in an attempt to flush the player out. With this perk the player would be able to reset the fuse and throw it away or at another player, which would leave the player alive for the encounter with the original thrower.


  • This perk works well when combined with Flak Jacket, because it is impossible to know how long a grenade has been "cooked" by the enemy, and it may blow up before it is picked it up. With Flak Jacket the player is much more likely to survive if that happens, which makes attempting to grab a grenade far less of a gamble than it would otherwise be.
  • Fireworks is another perk which can be useful with Toss Back, as this will increase the damage of the grenade when tossed back to the enemy. However, this also makes it more dangerous to the player as well (and also team mates in Hardcore).
  • Toss Back can be a great perk for a player who is camping, because many players will respond by chucking grenades in an attempt to dislodge the player.
  • This perk also works well when dealing with Martyrdom players. As martyrdom grenades have a timer of only 2.5 seconds, the player rarely has enough time to dispose of them without taking damage. However, with Toss Back, the timer is reset back to 2.5 seconds once picked up, allowing the player to easily throw away the grenade with impunity.


  • It is possible to play "Wall Ball" with this perk and grenades by throwing the grenades off a wall then throwing them back.
  • This perk can also be used to play Grenade Tennis, which is done like normal tennis but instead the players throw the grenade at each other.
  • Toss Back will not work with Sticky Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, or Special Grenades (Smoke, Tabun Gas, Signal Flares). While this limits its usefulness to some extent, it should be noted that Frag Grenades are more commonly encountered in multiplayer, due to their greater range and explosive power, as well as being the grenade used in Martyrdom.


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