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Town is a TranZit, Survival, and Grief Zombie map and the fifth location in TranZit in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was first seen in the Zombies Trailer.


Lava cracks and pits surround the area and will damage the player. Stamin-Up, Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, and Tombstone Soda appear on this map.

There is no power to turn on, which makes it easier to obtain perks and the Pack-a-Punch. Also, there are only two locations to which the Mystery Box can spawn to, either upstairs in the Bar flanked by a window, a panel-less ceiling, and Quick Revive, or in the corner next to Double Tap and the newest zombie perk, Tombstone Soda  Semtex grenades can be found across the road from the Tombstone Soda vending machine, in the building. An MP5 is available in the north-eastern house, as is the JuggernogGalvaknuckles are available in the bar. The Bank contains no weapons, only Speed Cola. The Bar houses Quick Revive, and Stamin-Up is at the southern corner of the map. The Olympia is located opposite Tombstone Soda. The M14 is located next to barrier by the Bank door, opposite Stamin-Up. Semtex Grenades are located inside the Rare Book Store, across the street from the Box location near Double Tap.

Town the has the same layout In Grief, The only differences are in the gameplay, not in the actual map.

The Pack-a-Punch Machine is located in the lava pit in the middle of the map on Survival and doesn't move or disappear. However it can be difficult if you do not have Juggernog eqipped.


Juggernog is located in the upstairs loft. In the Bank Vault (which can be opened by explosives or the Ray Gun), there are two shining keys in one of the deposit boxes. The right key lets the player store 1000 points into the deposit box while the left key lets the player withdraw 1000, plus a 100 point fee, therefeore withdrawing 900 points. This feature allows the player to transfer points from one play session to another (must still be an online session). The player must have 1000 to deposit. The bank can hold up to 250,000 points. If withdrawn, the player gets 225,000 points. Another method of points transfer is similar to the method of using the Hacker on Moon. to do this, one must have the Galvaknuckles, and go over to the desk, near the barrier by the vault in the Bank. There are two keys here, identical to the ones in the vault. The player with the Galvaknuckles must have at least 1000 points, then melee the keys in the desk, press the action button, then a Bonus Points power-up will appear in the desk window. Collecting this will give the player 1000 points.

The Pack-a-Punch is located underneath the bank vault and must be assembled. To access this floor you must first stop off at the Power Plant area. Upon opening the shed there is a door with a Green lightning bolt icon, three Turbines (if playing with four people) or only one turbine must be placed here (and possibly protected). The door in the vault will now be open for a limited amount of time, if done quickly enough, the player can take the Bus, otherwise the player would need Stamin-Up and run through the Hunters Cabin into the town.

The Wonder Weapon featured in this map, the Jet Gun, is built inside the bar, next to Stamin-Up.

Semtex Grenades are inside the Rare Book Store, similar to Grief and Survival, but the door must be opened with a Turbine. Also, inside this room, a part for the Bus can be found.


  • In Town the bank and the bar the mystery box spawns in have pictures, but in the bar a few of the pictures show the "Tower Of Babel" Which is related to the Easter Egg in Tranzit. there pictures can be viewed in Grief, Survival, and Tranzit.
  • The hidden area in the Bank, where the Pack-A-Punch is located, aestethically resembles the underground area in "Five" from the first Black Ops.
  • The Bank vault cannot be opened in Grief nor Survival.
  • The method of transering points can be done infinte times, and every time the player presses the action button, the Bonus Points gains another 1000 points, rather than creating a new power-up.


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