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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For similar attachments, see Target Finder and Target Enhancer.
For other uses, see Tracker.

"Advanced targeting sight highlights and tracks enemies. Press <melee button> when ADS to flip up integrated iron sights."
— In-game description.

The Tracker Sight is an attachment that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It allows the player to switch between an advanced targeting sight that highlights and tracks enemies, and integrated iron sights. Like the Thermal Hybrid Scope, enemies can be seen through smoke grenades. It can be mounted on all assault rifles, submachine guns (except the K7 and the Ripper), light machine guns (except the Chain SAW) and marksman rifles (except the SVU). The Maverick-A2's default scope also has an integrated Tracker Sight in it.

While in tracking mode, the player's peripherals are blurred, similar to a sniper or marksman rifle scope, and similarly to the Thermal Hybrid. When the attachment is equipped, there is no magnification when aiming the weapon, except for the integrated iron sights on the submachine guns only. The player is able to move while prone while still keeping their sights up while aiming down sights.

In terms of its usefulness, it is almost always compared to the Thermal Hybrid due to their high cost, their high power, and their peripheral-blocking qualities. The Thermal Hybrid is cheaper, has a higher zoom and field of view, and is able to be equipped on weapons that lack a Tracker Sight (SVU and K7) whilst the Tracker Sight displays in color and has less visual recoil.

The Tracker Sight is not affected by the Ground Jammer; it remains fully operational even if one is active.



  • The intergrated iron sights bounce significantly when moving with Stalker.
  • A battery level is always shown in the upper right corner.
    • Said level never drains and will always show the same amount. (86% on Tracker Scope)
  • The Tracker Sight will always say scanning on the bottom left of the optic even if an enemy is found and outlined in orange.