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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
I don't know just who you were, but I can't stand who you've become. You ruin my life with every step you take and everything you've done. You tore out the window and the doorway, too, that I just installed. You blew up my favorite pickup truck, even bit my dog. You can burn right to the ground, while I leave this messed up town. Adiós, enemigos, I'm a trail blazer. Adiós, enemigos, I'm a trail blazer!
— Trail Blazers Jingle
"Sliding is so hot right now!"
— Tagline

Trail Blazers is a Candy Perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in Zombies mode. When the player slides, they will ignite the floor behind them in flames, potentially killing zombies that walk through them.



Trail Blazers appears as a small yellow and orange vending machine. Trail Blazers candy can be seen in the window to the machine. There is a very distinct bright orange and yellow insignia on the top of the machine resembling a sliding player with a trail of flames behind them. The name of the perk is shown in large, white letters underneath the sliding player insignia. Underneath the name of the machine is a small part of the machine with a paint job similar to fire and flames. There is a coin inserting compartment to the right side of the machine.



  • The phrase "Adiós, enemigos" as mentioned in the jingle is Spanish for "Goodbye, enemies".
  • The colours employed on the Trail Blazers candy machine represent those of hot colours often associated with fire.
  • Despite selling the same product, the machine's slots have two different values - $3.50 and $4.50.
  • According to the box, a box of Trail Blazers weighs 6 ounces or 170 grams.
  • Trail Blazers are fat free and artificially flavoured.
  • The name of the perk is a reference to the word "Trailblazer", meaning "Someone who tries new things".
    • The name also refers to perk's effect of the fire sliding effect caused by a sliding player.
  • The insignia of the sliding player with the trail of fire refer to the perk's effect of the fire sliding effect caused by a sliding player.
  • Amongst the area around the machine, there are empty boxes of Trail Blazers.
    • The boxes have text on them saying "Hot Stepping", "Leave A Fire Trail Behind You!", "Fat Free Fire Footed Candy" and a box design involving fire. There are also pictures of sliding characters on fire amongst the box.
    • Upon the back of the box there is a barcode, serial number, nutrition information and an ingredients list. The barcode number is 8161715131019. This is a reference to the popular 1980s song Tommy Tutone - Jenny, better known as 867-5309, which is what number is created after removing all the ones from the barcode (8161715131019).
      • The ingredients are:
        • Sugar
        • Devil's Hair
        • Conr Syrup
        • Razor Blade Shards
        • Fire Lighters
        • Butane
        • Salt
        • Chili Powder
        • Hot Sauce
        • Ethanol
        • Water
        • Tail of Newt
        • Propane
        • Mead
        • Artificial Flavours
        • Dextrin
        • Carnauba Wax
        • Malic Acid
        • Grandma's Ashes
        • Soy
      • The serial number of a box of Trail Blazers is BW1983NS
      • The nutritional information on a box of Trail Blazers reads as the following;
        • Serving Size: 20 pieces (40g)
        • Servings Per Container: about 4
        • Calories: 145
        • Calories From Fat: 0
        • Okay Why Are: 0%
        • You Reading
        • This Thing
        • Seriously: 1000%
        • How Did You
        • Get Close Enough: 69g
        • To This Texture
        • To Read It
        • Without Getting eaten by Zombies, Yelled at by your Team-mates, or just bored
        • Go Outside and Play for a bit. Life is too short to spend reading Textures.