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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.
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The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game.

For the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized campaign level, see Training (Modern Warfare: Mobilized).

"Training" was a canceled Call of Duty: World at War level. The code of this level can be found in Mod Tools. Four HD pictures of this level, as well as some audio clips, can be found in game files.


At beginning of this level, the player, along with seven Marines, rides on an LVT to boot camp. At boot camp, a jeep, a P51 Mustang and marching Marines can be seen. When the player reaches boot camp, locomotion training begins. The Sergeant teaches the player to sprint, use a knife, mantle, crouch and prone. After completing locomotion training, combat tutorials begin. The Officer orders the player to get an M1 Garand and some frag grenades off the table. Then, the player should shoot near, middle-range and far targets at the bottom of the towers. If the player doesn't aim down sight to hit the targets, a hint will appear on screen and the officer will say " If you've got a sight, use it." Then, the player should hit targets at the left and right towers. Controller sensitivity options appear when player shoots both targets. After that, the player should toss a grenade through the wall and go to the obstacle course. On the obstacle course, the sergeant from locomotion training returns and the player should destroy 12 targets using M1 Garand, Thompson (with total ammo count of 230 rounds) and several targets using grenades for time. A five second penalty is added for missing a firearm target and a 10 second penalty added for missed grenade target. 35 seconds is "very good result", 45 seconds is "good result", 60 seconds is "bad result".

At end of obstacle course, the Sergeant will say the player's rating of completion time (or he will tell the player about missed targets if the player missed a grenade target or more than three firearm targets), following statistics will display, and the player will be asked to choose the difficulty or to retry the obstacle course:

  • Completion time
  • Number of firearm targets missed, penalty for missed targets
  • Number of grenade targets missed, penalty for missed targets
  • Accuracy (If at least one bullet shot, if not the game will show that player hasn't fired the weapon)
  • Previous best time (or N/A if the player completed obstacle course for first time)


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