The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Tram Turret is an Orbital Care Package reward exclusive to the map Detroit. When called in, the player will take control of a turret mounted on the tram rails above the map, which will go through the map. The rail travels the length of the map down the middle, and movement is controlled by the player. The tram's momentum will cause it to glide after moving, so careful control is needed to move the turret where desired. The tram can be destroyed manually by enemies.

The tram is a bit unreliable for killing players, as the constant movement the player most maintain makes the turret wildly inaccurate, and the turret itself often needs more than three shots to kill an enemy. However, in Hardcore game modes, this damage translates into a one or two shot kill, making the tram turret much more viable in said game mode.

Due to how the Tram Turret patrols the length of the map's street, players can focus instead on alternative paths while the tram turret patrols the middle path, forcing enemies to either proceed with caution, or risk dying to the turret.

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