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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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Traps consist of a variety of available tools in the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts that can assist in damaging and killing Cryptids. While every map from Mayday onwards has traps that the player can build using Schematics, all maps have traps that need to be purchased with cash.


All maps in Extinction have purchasable traps. However, their quantity and availability can vary wildly from section to section. Purchasable traps are static and non-moving, covering the same area each time it is used, without deviation. Upon purchase, the trap will activate, with the player's in-game character uttering a voice line to alert that a trap has been activated. There exist three types of purchasable traps: Electric Fences, Fire Traps, and the Tesla Anti-Air Defense System, the latter being only available on Exodus. The Electric Fence and Fire Traps are capable of damaging the player(s). The Electric Fence will provide shocks that will rapidly flinch and damage the player, which can make aiming difficult. As for the Fire Trap, getting hit by the trap even slightly initiates a sequence of the user getting hit multiple times in a steady pattern over multiple seconds. These forms of self damage will apply to any player that comes into contact with those two traps, not just the player who purchased the trap.

The Electric Fence and Tesla Anti-Air Defense System will provide a text prompt to the player who initiated the trap when it has gone offline. These traps will also make an audible cue that will alert other players to the trap's expiration. In the case of a Fire Trap, the trap will simply have a visual cue. For all of these traps, the trap is allowed to be purchased again almost immediately after it expires, and it will resume function right after purchase.

Craftable traps begin appearing as Schematics on Mayday, with the Hypno Trap and Tesla Trap appearing on not just Mayday, but both subsequent maps as well. Unlike purchasable traps, the player who built the trap has the option of choosing when and where to place the trap down. Unlike purchasable traps which can sometimes cover more than just the ground, the craftable traps need to be placed on the ground. Once the trap expires, the user of the trap will need to build a new one if they want to use the trap again.

Strike Packages can be placed within traps without any conflict, and the Strike Package will not be damaged by the trap. This allows traps to be able to defend a Sentry Gun very effectively.

Engineers are notably much more proficient with traps in several facets. If an engineer has upgraded their own class sufficiently, the Engineer can become immune to damage from all traps that the Engineer or their teammates activate. This allows the Engineer to stand right in the middle of a trap, although their vision can still be obscured by visual effects from the traps. In addition to that, traps used by an Engineer are heavily improved. Depending on how thoroughly the Engineer has upgraded their own class, traps can last longer, deal more damage, and even give cash back to the Engineer should the trap go relatively unused. If an Engineer is on the team, it is best to allow the Engineer to manage and activate all traps so as to improve trap efficiency.

Using traps in Extinction is not a necessity for success, but traps are highly valuable for their ability to provide a supplemental form of damage, their ability to make areas easier to defend, and their ability to not only protect a Sentry Gun, but increase the value of both it and the trap itself. The fact that most traps need to be purchased in order to use it makes the purchasable traps quite unpopular to use in the beginning stages of the game, but in the later stages of the game where the user has cash to spare, the price tag becomes significantly more reasonable, and in some cases, buying traps can be a vital way to stay under the wallet limit and keep cash flow rolling while also using it to help the team.

All maps have the potential to give a challenge for kills with traps, and the challenge can be delivered in most stages of the game where challenges can be given. The difficulty of the challenge depends on the proximity and quality of the traps at the time of the challenge. Generally speaking, the challenge is easier the earlier it appears, as the number of Scouts early on is higher, which are very easy to kill with traps.

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