The Trash Chute is a utility that appears in Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


They can be found at multiple locations in Outbreak and Infection, and will take the any player who jumps into the chute while it's open to a total of three possible locations depending on how and where the chute is used. They cost 100 credits to be used - the first time in a round. The cost goes up to 500 for the next use (in the same round) and then increasing by increments of 500 every use until maxing out at 2,000. The price for the using the Chute is reset after every round. Zombies cannot follow the players in the chute, making it a good way to escape quickly. The Trash Chute can also be used to acquire Decker's security card. If utilising the Trash Chutes to travel around the map quicker, it is advised that the player have a large amount of points (10000 to 30000 is a reasonable amount for this strategy), as the increase in points for each use could catch the player unaware, and cause them to be swarmed.

In early rounds, when the player(s) haven't reached the Exo Testing Room on Outbreak, the Trash Chute in Administration can be a highly effective way of moving around the map safely while zombies are present. This can only be done a small number of times as the points increase each use.



  • Administration: In the left most corridor, facing the Upgrade Station
  • Exo Testing Room: Facing the Exoskeletons, behind a large glass container.


  • Burger Town: On the side of the building.
  • Value Voltage: Car wash, the wall behind Upgrade Station.
  • Atlas Command: Next to the Exo Slam.


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