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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
"Single fire ballistic rifle. Powerful, high caliber bullets allow for one shot, one kill capability anywhere on the body at the cost of aim assist."
— In-game description.

The Trek-50 (known as the Ba50 in the game files) is a single shot sniper rifle that was added to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in the June 27th, 2017 update. It is a break action, high caliber sniper rifle, much like the MORS from Advanced Warfare. Its method of break action (reloading animation) is similar to the RW1 from Advanced Warfare.


Damage is highest in the Sniper Rifle class, being a one shot kill to all parts of the body. However, this is balanced out by the low rate of fire, having to reload after every shot, the lack of any aim assist, and having no centerspeed (recoil does not settle after a shot).

Target-tracking optics such as the Thermal scope and Tracking Chip can help the player acquire targets.

Quickdraw is a beneficial attachment, as it will help the player aim faster to be able to accurately hit targets.

The Dexterity perk and the rare Bushwhacker variant with the [Readiness]] perk are recommended to reduce reload times.

Accuracy is of utmost importance for this weapon, as a missed shot can easily mean death in a gunfight. A secondary weapon or an Overkill primary as backup is recommended for close quarters or if the player misses.

The epic Ranger and Obliterator variants store 2 bullets instead of one. The Obliterator is a 2-round burst, similar to the Widowmaker, and will cause the enemy to explode on a headshot or a torso shot. It will also cause damage to enemies around them and to the player, which is similar to the Bombshell variant of the KBS Longbow.


The Trek-50 is available on Zombies in SpacelandRave in the RedwoodsShaolin ShuffleAttack of the Radioactive Thing, and The Beast from Beyond as a weapon from the Magic Wheel for $950.

Unlike in Multiplayer, the Trek-50 has aim assist in zombies. Damage is highest of all Snipers, being able to kill in one shot to the body until the late teen scenes. With headshots, this can go up to the 20s.

In terms of perks, Quickies can help reduce the time the player is vulnerable while reloading , while Bang Bangs can double the player's damage output. Deadeye Dewdrops can help the player to make more precise shots, due to the removal of recoil, as well as improving hipfire accuracy in close quarters.

Picking up ammo clips from dropped bags is not recommended as one bag will only restore 1 bullet (and in the terms of the Epic Ranger  and Obilterator variants, 2 shots).

When upgraded, the Trek-50 turns into the Selfservice Rifle; increasing damage, gaining more reserve ammo, improving hipfire accuracy and reducing the reload time. The latter does not occur for variants with two shots, however.


For variant images, see Trek-50/Variants.
Name Image(s) Gun Perks Cost Notes
Safari Trek-50 Safari Supply Drop Card IW.pngTrek-50 Safari MKII Supply Drop Card IW.png Creeper Gun Perk Icon IW.png 200Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Bushwacker Trek-50 Bushwacker Supply Drop Card IW.pngTrek-50 Bushwacker MKII Supply Drop Card IW.png Head Rush Gun Perk Icon IW.pngReadiness Gun Perk Icon IW.png 500Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Zephyr 75px75px On Point Gun Perk Icon IW.pngHaste Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Stalwart 75px75px Jackpot Gun Perk Icon IW.pngFocus Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Bully Trek-50 Bully Supply Drop Card IW.pngTrek-50 Bully MKII Supply Drop Card IW.png Hitman Gun Perk Icon IW.pngPresence of Mind Gun Perk Icon IW.png 2000Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Ruin 75px75px Nuclear Gun Perk Icon IW.pngFocus Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Ranger 75px75px 50pxFocus Gun Perk Icon IW.png 4000Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Obliterator 75px75px 50pxPresence of Mind Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection



  • "Made in USA" is written at the back of the weapon.