For the multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS) with the same name, see Trenches (World at War DS).

"Trenches" is the ninth campaign mission in Call of Duty: United Offensive. The player controls Yuri Petrenko, who defends the trenches near Kursk, USSR. The player fights the Nazis.

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The mission starts off with the player looking out a train and suddenly it opens. The player is forced out of the train and moves to two trucks near a Commissar, and the player gets in the truck.The truck starts to move out as explosions and airplanes comes close to blowing up the truck everytime.

Once the truck stops the player gets off and rushes along with their squad into the treches inside a bunker awaiting to get ammo by two men. Once the player and their squad gets their ammo they go outside into the trenches where must hold their defensive line against the Germans. Soon though a massive barrage of explosives hits the trenches and kills most the people inside the trenches, and then German troops storm the battlefield. Once the player has protected the right flank, a plane will come crashing down, startling the men in the trenches.

The player and their squad is informed the Germans have broken through the left flank, and they are tasked with helping push the Germans back. Once the player and their squad arrives to the left flank, the commander tells the player to kill the flamethrowers that are moving to the trenches.

Once the left flank has been secured, the player and their squad is told to go back to the right flank, where the player is tasked with destroying the Elefant tanks next to the trenches. Once the player takes out the tanks, the player is told to go with their squad on the far side of the trenches where German forces are located.

The player would soon get lead into a barn where the player regroups with Sergeant Frolov, where the player is debriefed to take the village next to the trenches in order for the Germans not to surround to Russians. Once the village has been taken, the player and their squad will have to defend the village until reinforcements arrives to help relieve the player.

When reinforcements come, tanks will help secure the village and help the player. After the Germans have been repelled from the village Sergeant Frolov will command the player and their squad to regroup at his location. The mission ends with Sergeant Frolov giving a speech on the success the Russians did at pushing the Germans back and started making them retreat.

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  • Explosives

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