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For the game mode, see Trials (Modern Warfare).
Trial Machine BOCW

The "Trial Computer" in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which gives out Trials.

Trials are a feature found in Zombies, first appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the map Zetsubou No Shima as the Trials of the Ancients, the feature then returned in Gorod Krovi and Revelations under the simplified name of Trials. Under this name, Trials returned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 exclusively found on the "Chaos" story maps of IX as the Challenge Banners and Ancient Evil as Tributes to Apollo. They once more return simply as Trials in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

Within Gorod Krovi, Trials are split into four gravestones, one for each player. There are four symbols that correspond to the three random Trials, and a fourth unchanging Trial on the bottom to obtain the Gauntlet of Siegfried. The other three Trials must be completed by a solo player and are optional. When a Trial is complete, pressing Interact while aiming at a completed Trial will cause a skeletal arm to rise out of the ground with the reward. Completing the bottom Trial has progress shared amongst all players, and is mandatory for the Easter Egg Love and War.

The Trials for Revelations are located within the Nacht der Untoten fragment near the Mob of the Dead portal, using a similar fashion to the Gorod Krovi Trials. This time there are only three Trials, and none are mandatory for completing the Easter Egg For The Good of All.


Top Trial[]

  • Recover 3 Groph Pods in green condition.
  • Ride the Dragon from all three platforms.
  • Kill 10 Napalm Zombies with headshots.
  • Shoot off the helmet on five Russian Mangler Soldiers.
  • Shoot off the arm cannon on five Russian Mangler Soldiers.
  • Take damage from Dragon fire and survive.

Left Trial[]

  • Kill 30 zombies with the Guard of Fafnir.
  • Use the Guard of Fafnir to absorb fire damage for a cumulative total of 45 seconds.
  • Kill 40 zombies with the Gigant Eye Trap beams.
  • Kill 10 zombies with the Gigant Fingers within 3 seconds of sliding under them.
  • Kill 8 zombies simultaneously with the Elevator NOTE: The Elevator is actually the Bridge where the HVK-30 wallbuy is located.
  • Kill 10 Electrified Zombies with headshots. NOTE: This Trial isn't possible to build progress on until random Valkyrie Drones begin spawning in around R12-R15 and higher. The special electrified skeletal zombies spawned from the ground by Valkyrie Drones during their dedicated rounds starting with the second Valkyrie Drone round of a game are an efficient way to complete this Trial.

Right Trial[]

  • Destroy all the arms on 6 Valkyrie Drones.
  • Destroy the camera on 6 Valkyrie Drones.
  • Consecutively survive 4 rounds in the Hatchery.
  • Kill 60 Zombies using the mounted MG42.
  • Kill 3 zombies simultaneously with each Flinger. NOTE: This Trial can prove quite inconsistent/difficult to perform without being on a high round where many zombies are quickly rushing in. There are 3 Flingers within the map: one in front of Dragon Command, and two more on the left and right sides of the Hatchery.
  • Kill 100 zombies with Dragon Strikes.

Bottom Trial[]

  • Acquire a Dragon Egg. See Gauntlet of Siegfried for the complete detailed process.
    • Bathe a Dragon Egg with fire. NOTE: it must be placed inside a Nest before the overhead dragon breathes fire. It must then cool down.
    • Kill Napalm Zombies. NOTE: The Dragon Egg must be held again after cooling down.
    • Get penetrative multi-kills (2+ enemies in 1 bullet). NOTE: Sniper Rifles must get 2+ zombies killed in one shot. The mounted MG42 top floor of the Hatchery can kill single zombies, but it still counts towards this Trial.
    • Get Melee kills. NOTE: Can be performed with Knife, Bowie Knife, or Guard of Fafnir shield bash/fireball attack.
    • Incubate a Dragon Egg. NOTE: The Egg must be placed in the basement of the Hatchery inside the Incubator machine. S.O.P.H.I.A. will initiate a small lockdown and it must cool down again before being picked up, similar to the first step of this Trial.

Green Trial[]

  • Complete a Corruption Engine without getting any kills. NOTE: This condition only applies to the specific player who has this Trial, other players can get kills.
  • Craft the Keeper Protector Altar. NOTE: Despite the wording, it does not actually require the specific player that has this Trial to be the one to craft it.
  • Equip the Dragon Shield.
  • Headshot 10 Apothicon Furies. NOTE: This can be feasibly performed on the 1st, 2nd, or 4th Corruption Engine. However, these Headshots do not count towards unlocking the Fury Head.
  • Kill 5 zombies with each type of trap. NOTE: There are only two traps on Revelations. The Electro-Shock_Defenses in Verrückt, and the Flogger in Origins.
  • Use Beam to kill 15 zombies. NOTE: This Trial refers to using Corruption Turrets to kill zombies.

Blue Trial[]

  • Kill 5 zombies on each island within the same round.
  • Kill 10 spiders with the shield. NOTE: the fireball attack cannot be used. Direct shield bashes must be performed.
  • Kill 10 zombies while they are jumping between islands. NOTE: This Trial is very risky. It will not count kills from weaponry left on the Jump Pad, such as Trip Mines, Apothicon Servant, or Li'l Arnies. This must be performed with the player taking a Jump Pad with a horde behind them, and shooting at the zombies that do not respawn around them and that choose to take the Jump Pad. However, this has a very narrow timing window despite zombies being in the air for a few seconds, as the first several will be killed immediately by the Jump Pad and not count.
  • Kill 15 Spiders.
  • Survive 7 rounds in Nacht der Untoten.
  • Use Beam deflections to kill 10 zombies. NOTE: This Trial is extraordinarily difficult to accomplish when playing solo, due to inconsistent angles that occur when firing Corruption Turrets at the glowing rocks on the platforms.

Purple Trial[]

  • Kill three Margwas inside the Apothicon. NOTE: Audio Reel #2 for the Easter Egg makes this Trial very feasible. Alternatively, saving the last few zombies and waiting ~5 minutes will spawn a Margwa/Panzer, which can be repeated even within the same round.
  • Kill 5 zombies on an island that you are not on. NOTE: Easy to accomplish with Li'l Arnies, Trip Mines, or the Apothicon Servant, and quickly taking a portal/Jump Pad.
  • Kill a Mech Z (Panzersoldat) without taking any damage.
  • Survive for 15 minutes inside the Apothicon.
  • Three shot kill a Margwa.
  • Kill one of each elemental Margwa.


The four rewards are:

The three rewards are:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4[]

Within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Trials are limited to only IX and Ancient Evil where they both function entirely differently from each other. IX features the Challenge Banners which are dedicated to the four gods related to story of Chaos, only one can be chosen by each player with each giving a total of nine challenges before the banner is completed. A two minute time limit for trials has also been added.

While within Ancient Evil, the Trials are called the Tributes to Apollo and are given to from the Oracle for Points, cost dependant on the round number. Unlike prior trials, Tributes can be repeated ad infinitum as the trials given have been all changed to tasks that can be preformed repetitively within the two minute time limit. Tributes to Apollo also features a new method of rewards, having the ability to continue trials to earn better rewards scaling from Common to Epic.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War[]

Trials return in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Die Maschine, retaining the system seen in Ancient Evil but now with a reduced timer of one minute and 30 seconds alongside the introduction of "Intel Trials" which gives the unique reward of Dark Aether Intel for Die Maschine.


  • Get Multiple Kills As Quickly As Possible
  • Take Damage and Recover Health
  • Kill Zombies with Equipment
  • Remain Inside Location As Long As Possible
  • Kill Zombies in the Dark Aether
  • Kill Any Zombies In Location
  • Rebuild Barricades
  • Kill Enemies from a Higher Elevation
  • Avoid Taking Damage
  • Kill Enemies with Melee Attacks
  • Kill Zombies with Hip Fire
  • Kill Enemies Within Close Range
  • Kill Zombies While Crouched
  • Kill Zombies With Critical Finishers


Can be up to two of the following:

  • Common Salvage
    • 50 Common Salvage
    • 500 Common Salvage

Can be up to three of the following:

  • Common Salvage
    • 50 Common Salvage
    • 500 Common Salvage
  • High-End Salvage
    • 10 High-End Salvage

Can be up to three of the following:

  • Common Salvage
    • 50 Common Salvage
    • 500 Common Salvage
  • High-End Salvage
    • 10 High-End Salvage


Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

Name Description Points Trophy Level Icon
Viktorious Revenge In Gorod Krovi, complete all solo Trials in one Zombies game. 15Gamerscore Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon Viktorious Revenge icon BO3
Wield a Fist of Iron In Gorod Krovi, wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried. 40Gamerscore Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon Wield a Fist of Iron icon BO3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4[]

Name Description Points Trophy Level Icon
Skilled Adversary In "IX", have a Challenge banner with all 9 medallions 15Gamerscore Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon Skilled Adversary Achievement Icon BO4
Greek Tragedy In Ancient Evil, finish what was started 30Gamerscore Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon Greek Tradegy Achievement Icon BO4
A Worthy Tribute In Ancient Evil, fully reignite the Eternal Flame by round 15 15Gamerscore Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon A Worthy Tribute Achievement Icon BO4