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The Triple 25 ("Triple Type 96 25mm AT/AA Gun") is an anti-aircraft weapon of World War II, featured in the Pacific campaign of Call of Duty: World at War.


The weapon is encountered in Call of Duty: World at War by the player as the triple mounted version during the mission "Hard Landing", when attacking and later defending the airfield. This weapon is also encountered in the mission "Relentless". In some levels, this can be mounted and used against the Japanese soldiers or used at an outpost to move up during multiplayer or split-screen. The Triple 25 is effective against Japanese soldiers on foot because of the splash damage, since it's an anti-aircraft cannon. The weapon is also proficient at taking out tanks and other vehicles, both land and air based.

In the multiplayer maps Hangar and Airfield, there are many Triple 25s. However, they are all unusable and act simply as decoration.


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