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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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For the multiplayer map, see Turbine (map).

The Turbine is a buildable item that can be made in the TranZit mode and Buried map of the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II


The Turbine is guaranteed to be able to build in the starting room of Green Run, with all three pieces spawning in the starting room. It can only be crafted at the workbench in the starting room.

The Turbine's uses are as follows:

Part Locations

  • The Mannequin
    • In Tranzit, this piece spawns up against the triangular map in the starting room, and in Buried it is in the back right corner, in the back room, on the main floor of the general store.
  • The Fan
    • In Tranzit, the Fan spawns on a seat opposite the crafting bench, and in Buried, it is located in the back room, on the second floor, to the immediate right, on a desk.
  • The Tail
    • The most obscure of the three pieces, in Tranzit, the Tail spawns to the right of the bookcase in the starting room, on the floor. It is behind the Mannequin's spawn point, next to the M14. In Buried, it is located on the set of shelves on the far left, on the main floor of the general store, when entering through the front door.


  • When an EMP Grenade detonates in the vicinity of the Turbine, or the Avogadro shoots at it, the device is disabled temporarily. It can still be attacked by zombies and picked up, however.
  • When the player holding is the Turbine, their melee speed is increased.
  • If the player dolphin dives while holding the Turbine, the hands will show up appearing to hold an imaginary gun.
  • The Turbine is not solid when holding it.
  • On the generator, it is possible to see written: "EXTENDED LIFE", "MAX" and "JNR". This is the same as the battery on the Pack-a-Punch Machine in TranZit and Die Rise.