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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appears in Blackout

For the buildable in Zombies, see Turbine (Zombies).
"Wind farm in the steep hills of Yemen. Fight across the different tiers and angles."
— Map description

Turbine is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, likely named for the wind turbines dotted around the landscape. Turbine also returns in the Blackout mode in Black Ops 4.


The center of the map is open, and there are numerous buildings overlooking that space, making the map excellent for the use of Sniper Rifles. However, there are lots of large rocks spreading outwards from the center that create close-quarters action. There is also one path that circles the outside of the map. A mounted Death Machine with infinite ammunition is also located in one of the buildings.



  • The large screen computer of the Control Center talks about the fallen turbine.
  • Prior to a patch, Turbine was not avaliable in local split screen.
  • On a computer screen in the center of the control room which displays a compass which indicates the wind direction, there is a bar at the top of the screen which is the same as the bar that appears at the top of an iPhone. The Wi-Fi icon can be seen, the battery is charging, location services (GPS) are activated and the time is 5:05 PM.
  • The coordinates of the map are 33.2810, 103.1002, but these coordinates are in the middle of China, whereas the map is set in Yemen.
  • A calendar in the control room suggests the map is set in January.
  • There are whiteboards in the control room with post-it notes on. They read: 'zombies are coming', 'Milk, Diapers' ( possibly a shopping list), 'Save the whales - recycle' while another has 'Fix Turbines' written on it, but is crossed out.
  • There are many books in the control room: Frankenstein, Grimm's Fairy Tales and Jungle Book are just a few.