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For the game mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, see Turned.

Turned is a Pack-a-Punch upgrade in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Its effect 'turns' a zombie over to the player's side, causing it to chase and attack other zombies.

Upon triggering, the player will see two green eyes appear as a hit marker around their reticle to signal a zombie has been turned. Any zombies immediately next to the affected zombie will be killed immediately on activation, similarly to Thunder Wall. This zombie will gain a green glow around it, have green eyes, and have a nameplate above its head that reads "Turned" in green letters. Turned zombies will kill other zombies in one hit regardless of round.

Turned can only affect regular zombies; the effect will not trigger on special enemies nor bosses. Additionally, a Turned zombie will not target bosses and certain special enemies if they are unable to reach them, namely Parasites.

Turned zombies will last for around 20 seconds before dying off, and they have no limit to the number of zombies they can kill in that time. This makes Turned zombies able to take out entire groups of zombies if they are bunched close together. They also have a unique ability to freely run through player-activated traps without dying.

Turned has a long cooldown on its activation, similar to Blast Furnace and Fireworks (about 15 seconds). It is possible for two Turned zombies to be present at the same time, though this will only happen for about 3-5 seconds due to its cooldown. If the Lucky Crit Gobblegum is utilized it is possible to have 3 active at once, though this is very rare.

Turned zombies that are present on the map do not count towards round progression, as they can persist through rounds if timed correctly. Players should be mindful of having Turned zombies present if they are trying to keep a zombie alive at the end of a round; oftentimes this can lead to unintentional ending of rounds, which may make things such as buildables and easter eggs more difficult. Due to this, Turned is not as viable of a choice for use while completing objectives as other Pack-a-Punch upgrades.

A turned zombie can have Pack-a-Punch upgrades trigger on it, though the zombie will not die and will continue running after and attacking other zombies. This makes upgrades such as Dead Wire and Blast Furnace still able to kill enemies even if it was a Turned zombie that was initially affected. A Turned zombie may even have Turned affect it a second time if shot in rare cases, though this will not cause any further effect.

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