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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Tank Dempsey: Hey buddy, wake up! Wake up!

Rook awakens at Kino der Toten.

Tank Dempsey: Look over here to your right!

Rook looks to his right and sees Dempsey.

Tank Dempsey: Oorah! You're alive. Now get off the floor and help me Marine!

Rook stands up.

Tank Dempsey: You okay, Rook!? You don't look so good! That's okay. Take a moment & walk it off.

Rook moves around the area.

Tank Dempsey: I don't want to scare you Rook, but we're surrounded by undead flesh-whores! It's time to do the USMC proud.

A zombie spawns at one of the windows.

Tank Dempsey: Here they come. Look sharp! Another one of them is coming in from the other window. Run over there and stab that bone-junkie!

Rook kills the zombie with his knife.

Tank Dempsey: Beautiful! Now get close to that window and repair it. We'll have a better fighting chance.

Rook repairs the barricade.

Tank Dempsey: Good work Rook! Now get back here & pick up that pistol. Look out this window... if they keep coming, you keep shooting!

Rook picks up an M1911 on a table. He and Dempsey shoot the zombies attempting to enter through the window. If the player did not aim down the sights:

Tank Dempsey: Oorah! Don't forget to aim down the sights, you might kill more that way.

If the player still did not aim down the sights:

Tank Dempsey: Rook! Aim damn it!

Rook aims down his sights.

Tank Dempsey: Alriiigght! Time to make some noise. Run over to that wall & pick up the shotgun.

Rook buys an Olympia from the wall.

Tank Dempsey: Always be prepared. Reload that weapon, you'll feel safer with a full barrel... trust me.

Rook reloads his Olympia.

Tank Demsey: Change to your pistol, it is often quicker than reloading!

Rook switches to his M1911.

Tank Dempsey: Now fry those freakmaggots! While you're at it, throw some grenades down there, will you!

Rook picks up four grenades from the table. He throws them at the zombies, killing multiple.

Tank Dempsey: Perfect! Just as I would suspect from a soldier like you!

The screen begins flashing red. Rook drops his weapon.

Tank Dempsey: What are you doing Rook?! Pick up that weapon! Wait a minute... you're turning into one of them! Well... it was nice working with you. Say hi to Elvis for me.

The level ends.