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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Edward Richtofen: Hey you, American! Wake up! Wake up!

Rook awakens at Nacht Der Untoten.

Edward Richtofen: Quick, look over here to your right!

Rook looks to his right. He sees Richtofen on the ground, partially zombified and in second chance.

Edward Richtofen: That's it, now stretch your legs, schnell schnell (quickly quickly)!

Rook moves around the area.

Edward Richtofen: Why are you standing around? Get your legs moving and come over here when you're ready.

Rook walks over to Richtofen.

Edward Richtofen: Verdammt! (damn)! You're only a rookie! OK, listen to me... We'll have to lay aside our differences, und (and) quickly. They are coming! You'll need a bigger gun if you're to survive this hölle (hell). Go and buy a rifle from the chalk outline to your left.

Rook buys a Kar98k from the chalk outline.

Edward Richtofen: Get back over here, I think I can hear something!

Rook returns to Richtofen.

Edward Richtofen: Right on cue, here come some of the Höllenschweine (hell pigs)! Shoot them!

Rook shoots the incoming zombies. When Rook shoots two bullets.

If the player shoots two bullets without aiming down the sights.

Edward Richtofen: Verdamnt rookie! Don't you remember your training, aim DOWN the sights if you plan to hit anything!

Edward Richtofen: Reload your rifle, you'll be bratwurst without a bullet ready!

Rook reloads. If the zombies get to the barrier, Richtofen will shoot them.

Richtofen: Ach, too close! I won't be hier (here) to save your arsch (ass) forever!

After they kill 4 zombies.

Edward Richtofen: You can use your hand grenade to take out multiple targets! Change to your Pistol, it is often quicker than reloading! - Double tap the ammo icon to change weapon.

Rook switches to his M1911.

Edward Richtofen: Now kill these two Untoten (undead).

They kill the two zombies.

Edward Richtofen: Ach, I... I do not feel so good, my rookie friend. I fear I will not be around for long. You must protect yourself as best you can, attach some planks to this window to make a barricade!

Rook repairs the barricade.

Edward Richtofen: Also don't forget... you can always use your knife if they get close to you. Nein (no)... wait. Nein... Nein! NEEEIN! HILFE (help), IT'S HAPPENING! AARUGHHARRrrr...

Richtofen gets up off the ground, fully zombified, and attempts to kill Rook. Rook kills him. A message pops up on the screen.

You're on your own, soldier...