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"Akimbo with improved hip spread. Can no longer aim down sights."
— In-game description

Twinsanity is an Epic gun perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It allows the HVR and Auger to have Akimbo, which allows for a tighter hip spread and devastating damage up close. It is only available to the HVR - Gemini and Auger - Fury variants. It is worth noting that the Auger - Fury has tigher hip spread the longer it is fired, similarly to the DCM-8 - Epitath's Focus Fire gun perk.


Weapon Variant Rarity Cost (Salvage) Notes
HVR Gemini Epic N/A Unlocked via reaching level 50 with Sabre Team Seven.
Auger Fury Epic 4000 Formerly exclusively unlocked via a supply drop.


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