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For the anti-tank gun, see Type 94.

The Type 94 90 mm Infantry Mortar, was a mortar used by the Japanese in Call of Duty: World at War. It is rarely encountered in the game.

Call of Duty: World At WarEdit

The Type 94 90mm Infantry Mortar is used by the Imperial Army, and is found in the levels "Little Resistance", "Burn 'em Out" and "Breaking Point" where the player's objective is to clear mortar pits. In "Breaking Point", the player can pick up the individual mortar rounds and throw them. In "Little Resistance" it is found at the end of the level, where the player must take out its crews, and in "Burn 'em Out", they are the main objective of the mission.


Mortar-dom (10 Gamerscore/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill at least 8 Japanese infantry with thrown mortar shells in "Breaking Point". (Solo or co-op)

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