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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII
For the bolt-action rifle also known as "Type 99", see Arisaka.

The Type 99 was a Japanese light machine gun used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

Call of Duty: World at War

"Japanese light machine gun with a high rate of fire. Effective at medium to long range."
— Description


The Type 99 is a powerful weapon used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific Campaign. It is very powerful if played on Veteran or Hardened difficulty, as the Japanese soldiers are extremely accurate and can easily take down the player or even entire groups of Marines with it. It only takes 2 or 3 bullets to kill the player in Veteran mode. When playing campaign mode, soldiers wielding this weapon should be high priority targets. Initially, the Type 99 is a fairly rare find in the Pacific campaign in comparison to the Type 100 and Arisaka, as not many soldiers are armed with this weapon. It is seen for the first time in "Little Resistance". Like the British Bren gun which it greatly resembles, it is a formidable and versatile weapon, useful against both nearby and especially long-range targets. However, like the Bren, it is relatively bulky and has a long reload time, so it's recommended to have a lighter weapon alongside for mobility.

The Type 99 is one of several weapons that is able to gib soldiers in single player. However, it cannot gib other players in multiplayer.


The Type 99 is one of the weapons the player automatically receives when they unlock the "Create-a-Class" option, as well as being available from the "Heavy Gunner" default class.

The Type 99 is a slightly lower damage per bullet machine gun. At any range short of 37.5 meters, the Type 99 will deal 45 damage, taking three shots to kill, or two if one bullet hits the head. Damage linearly decreases until fifty meters, at which point the Type 99 will deal 33 damage, taking four shots to kill, or three if just one bullet hits the head. The Type 99 deals a three hit kill to the body up to 49 meters. The Type 99's range and damage per bullet are good, almost on par with the BAR and DP-28, but said MGs never need more than three shots to kill, unlike the Type 99. Still, the user need not worry about four hit kills until very long range combat. The Type 99 also has high penetration power, making it very effective at shooting through walls. The Type 99 is also a one shot kill in Hardcore game types unless shooting at Juggernaut users or when shooting through walls.

When equipped with Stopping Power, the Type 99's damage per bullet increases. At any range short of 37.5 meters, the Type 99 will deal 63 damage per bullet, taking merely two hits to kill. Damage will decrease linearly until fifty meters, where the Type 99 will deal 46 damage per bullet, taking three shots to kill, or two if one hits the head. The Type 99's two hit kill range goes out to roughly 46 meters. Here, the Type 99's slight damage reduction at long ranges compared to the BAR and DP-28 is not at play.

The Type 99 has a huge strength in its rate of fire. Its rate of fire is moderate, at 625 RPM. While not great in the grand scheme, the Type 99 has a significantly faster rate of fire than the BAR and DP-28, as both of those MGs don't even shoot at 500 RPM. The Type 99 has a rare distinction in the MG category of combining an acceptable fire rate with great damage per bullet, giving the Type 99 a fantastic damage output relative to other MGs in its class. Equipping Double Tap will increase the rate of fire to 833 RPM.

The Type 99 is a mixed bag in terms of accuracy. The iron sights are extremely obstructive, as they are mounted to the side of the body of the gun. The top loaded magazine and gun model itself will obscure a significiant part of the user's view of the right side of the screen. The rear sight of the Type 99 is also very thick and can obscure vision around the front sight. Thankfully, the recoil profile is not too large, having moderate kick to the sides and upwards. The Type 99's centerspeed is excellent, at 1694. Combined with the moderate fire rate, the Type 99 should have little problems with recoil. If one can get used to the iron sights, the Type 99 will prove to be a fairly accurate weapon overall. Like the other MGs, the Type 99 has a large amount of idle sway, which can throw the aim of the Type 99 off target, but only when aiming for an extended period of time, as the Type 99 sways very slowly, like the rest of the MGs, a distinct difference from the scoped rifles.

The Type 99 is mostly poor in terms of MG handling traits. It has the slowest movement speed in its class, moving at 87.5 percent of the base speed, and strafing at a paltry 35% of the base speed. The Type 99's aim down sight time is the standard, somewhat sluggish 350 milliseconds, and the Type 99's hip-fire spread is on par with the rifles, being decently sized overall. The Type 99's reload speeds are among the worst in the MG class, taking 3.75 seconds to do a partial reload, or 5 seconds flat to do an empty reload. In either case, a Reload Cancel can be performed after 3.05 seconds. These reload speeds are some of the absolute worst in the entire game, with only the M1919 Browning and the scoped sniper rifles taking longer to reload. The user must ensure that they are safe to reload the Type 99, as the process is long and painful.

The Type 99 has an average magazine capacity for its class, with thirty round magazines. This magazine size allows the Type 99 to make good use of its power and fire rate. The Type 99 user will have a 120 round starting ammo loadout when spawning in.

The Type 99 has access to both the Bayonet and the Bipod for its attachment selection. It should be noted that when either attachment is equipped on the Type 99, the iron sights' innate zoom level will be decreased. Should the user want to retain the original zoom level of the iron sights, then neither attachment should be selected.

The Type 99 is the only MG featured in Call of Duty: World at War to have the Bayonet attachment. When out of ammo, the bayonet provides useful CQC prowess.

The Bipod attachment gives the gun the standard benefits of being deployable, primarily being no recoil. Note that when deployed with a Bipod, the Type 99's magazine partially obscures the crosshair's view; no other MG shares this weakness. Either of the weapon's attachments make the ADS view slightly different, as the sights are viewed from farther away.

The Type 99 is most comparable to the M1919 Browning, as both MGs have moderate rates of fire, good damage per bullet, obstructive iron sights, and long reload times. Compared to the M1919 Browning, the M1919 Browning has superior damage at range (not having any damage drop-off, for that matter), a far superior base movement speed of 100%, a much larger capacity of fifty rounds, a much larger starting ammo loadout of 150 rounds, a far greater centerspeed, and a sprint out time that is twice as fast as the Type 99. The Type 99 has a much tighter hip-fire spread, a far superior reload speed, much lower recoil per shot (especially in regards to horizontal recoil), access to the Bayonet, and is unlocked significantly earlier than the M1919 Browning. Both MGs hold notable advantages and disadvantages over the other, and as such, neither MG fully outclasses the other. If the user of either the M1919 Browning or the Type 99 happens to like the MG, it'd be best to try out the other MG as well, since both share many of the same strengths and weaknesses, but have key differences which can help the player choose which MG is the best for them.

Weapon Attachments


For Attachment images, see Type 99/Attachments.

Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts

The Type 99 is referred to as the "Type 99 LMG" in Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts . It is a good weapon of choice for many players, because of its large magazine and high damage, thus very effective on both medium and long range fighting, but its low rate of fire and longer reload time can still be a problem when engaging enemies in close quarters combat.


Call of Duty: WWII

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The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game. Since some information cannot be independently verified, the content on this page may be subject to change.

The Type 99 was cut from the final release of Call of Duty: WWII and seems to have been functionally replaced by the Bren. However, the Type 99 model is featured as the Bren Royalty and Royalty II cosmetic variants.


Call of Duty: World at War

  • In mission "Little Resistance", the Type 99 is deployable, and will not overheat while deployed. Later on, the Type 99 found in other missions cannot be deployed.
  • When the player fires a whole magazine of 30 rounds, the ammo reserve text will not turn red.
  • According to the strategy guide for Call of Duty: World at War, the Type 99 is considered an assault rifle instead of an LMG.