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"Typhoon of Steel" is the twelfth campaign level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts. In this level, the player again controls Pvt. Joe Miller as he and other marines secure and clear the way to Shuri Castle.

Walkthrough Edit

The level starts with Miller and the other fighting their way through a Japanese army camp. The camp has heavy resistance. The Japanese troops will throw grenades at the player from both sides of the camp's trenches. Once clearing the trenches, the player has to clear an MG nest. Once that is done, the player and other marines fight their way up a road through a jungle, with a tank for support. The player will then be ambushed by Japanese troops from both sides of the road. The road eventually takes the marines to a stairwell. After fighting a long battle up the stairs, the player has to take out two Japanese bunkers. After clearing out these two bunkers, the mission ends.


  • Before the ending of the mission, it is possible for the player to see Shuri Castle, however it is just a 2D cutout made to look far in perspective.

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