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Back on US soil, meet with senior officials to discuss the threat posed by General Dragovich.Briefing

We are in grave danger from the Communists. Our freedom, our very way of life is at risk. I’m told you are the very best we have... anywhere. You will need to be... Mr. Mason, take care of it.President John F. Kennedy to Alex Mason

"U.S.D.D." (United States Department of Defense) is the third campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is similar to "The Coup" of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as they are both mainly cinematic levels and have presidents with pistols aimed at them. The mission takes place at the Pentagon on November 10, 1963 following Alex Mason's escape from Vorkuta.


Level Briefing

Transmission # 0. Designate: ECHO

National security briefing: priority 1.

Redirect Mason, Alex to the Pentagon.

1700 hours, November 10, 1963


The newly free Alex Mason has been cleared by polygraph testing and turned over to Jason Hudson of the CIA, and they are summoned to the Pentagon. In the present day, Mason's interrogators ask him why they were summoned, and Mason replies that Hudson did not tell him as they both lacked security clearance.

After the CH-47 Chinook carrying them touching down, Hudson and Mason meet US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in a limousine convoy, and they are brought to the Pentagon offices. Along the way, McNamara informs Mason that Dragovich poses a grave threat to national security, which Mason immediately deduces as meaning that Mason must kill him.

Mason, Hudson and McNamara walk through the Pentagon offices, clearing four checkpoints as VIPs. Mason tells his interrogators in the present that he felt like he was being watched, receiving the chilling response that the interrogators were in the Pentagon, watching him.

As Mason passes through the Pentagon nerve center, he starts to breathe heavily and again experiences background auditory and visual hallucinations of numbers from a numbers station, prompting Hudson to commiserate on how overwhelming the Pentagon is. In the present, Mason states to his interrogators that it felt as if he were in a dream, and he deliriously repeats fragments of Reznov's eight-part plan to escape from Vorkuta. The lead interrogator replies, "It was working."

After passing through the Pentagon nerve center, Mason enters a private sanctum, upon which Hudson, lacking security clearance, wishes Mason luck and leaves. McNamara introduces Mason to the figure, who turns around to reveal himself as President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy informs Mason that, as the best man the CIA has, Mason must eliminate Dragovich to protect the lives of America from danger. At the same time, Mason visually hallucinates picking up a pistol and assassinating Kennedy.

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Pictures of gameplay from Call of Duty: World at War are seen in the hallway's portraits on Zombie Mode.


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  • VIP (10 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Obtained by completing "U.S.D.D" on any difficulty.


Jason Hudson and Robert McNamara on the nerve center.Not yet.

Robert McNamara and Alex Mason discussing in the limo.We’re lucky to have you back, Mason.


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