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The UNSA Tigris was a United Nations Space Alliance Destroyer in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The destroyer was under the command of Captain Maureen Ferran. Tigris was present at the Fleet Week Parade in Geneva on May 7  and was one of only two SATO ships not to be crippled by the SDF fleet and still combat ready.

During Operation Port Armor, Tigris acted as a primary combatant, defending Earth's Lunar Gateway, taking out several SDF destroyers in the process and ultimately destroying the SetDef warship Ares Vallis.

Tigris arrived at Titan and rescued acting captain Nick Reyes and tactical robot Ethan following the successful conclusion of Operation Burn Water. Reyes' ship Retribution fled the planet earlier to escape the Olympus Mons under captain's orders.

Tigris was later destroyed by the Olympus Mons in a trap set by SetDef, killing all on board. The Retribution later arrived at the wreckage, with Captain Nick Reyes wanting to launch a search and rescue op, although he was dissuaded by Gator and Salter, who stated that no one was left. With the loss of Tigris, the SWC-141 Retribution was the only operable ship of the UNSA fleet.



  • Tigris is major river in modern day Iraq that defines the region of ancient Mesopotamia.
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