The USAS-12 is a fully automatic shotgun that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


The USAS-12 is unlocked at level 4, as soon as Create-a-Class is available. The USAS-12 features lower damage compared to the similar shotguns, the AA-12 and the Striker, and is generally a 1-2 shot in close range, as well as having higher range than the player may expect. These two features make it fairly reliable as far as power is concerned, but the USAS-12 has two major drawbacks, it only has a 6 round magazine and, despite being automatic, a very low rate of fire, thus limiting it effectiveness for spraying and demanding precise aim in order to effectively kill an enemy. Strong suggestions include Extended Mags and the Damage proficiency to allow more reliable one hit kills and greater ammo efficiency to circumvent its small magazine. A red dot sight or holographic are oddly placed on top of the actual iron sights creating a very odd looking combination. The skorpion makes an excellent secondary because of its supressor and high rate of fire allowing the player to get long range shots bursting and close range when the player's ammo is low or if the player wants stealth.

Spec Ops

The USAS 12 is infrequently used by enemies in Survival Mode, mostly used by the Suicide Bombers. As such, ammo is difficult to find and spending $750 to refill ammo is advisable. It can also be bought from the gun shop for $2000.

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Video:Modern Warfare 3: Kill Confirmed Gameplay
USAS 12 in action.


  • It has the smallest magazine size of any fully automatic weapon, only having 6 shells before having to reload.
  • It is the second automatic shotgun in the Call of Duty series, the first being the AA-12.
  • It is the slowest automatic weapon to appear in the Modern Warfare series.
  • The USAS 12 has the same fire sound as the M1014 does in Modern Warfare 2.
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