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Undead Man's Party Bus is an achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. In TranZit, the player must collect and add/build all additional parts to the bus in one game. There are three parts for the bus that can be found in four areas only reachable by using a turbine to open the door.

  1. Plow: Attaches to front of the bus and instantly vaporizes zombies.
  2. Outside, fullsize ladder: Attaches to the back driver side of the bus.
  3. "Escape ladder"/Hatch: Attaches on the inside front of the bus. The player can more easily attach the part, by first jumping directly under the emergency exit, then attaching the part. (This third part can also be added, but not removed, to the ceiling in the diner to go onto the roof and possibly buy Galvaknuckles, so it is not advised that is done in the same game).

  1. The first location to find a part is a room tangent to the starting room, next to the work bench. If the part is present it will be located near the backwall.
  2. Location number two is at the diner stop. The aforementioned part, if present, will be in the back, left-hand corner of the shed.
  3. The third location is the farm. This time, buy the 750 credit door run a few feet past the tractor and located there will be a large shed, open it. Parts, if there, will be on the left-hand side, towards the back.
  4. No bus part is in the power plant, the last possible spot for a piece is in the town. At the back of the town, across from Tombstone Soda in Survival Mode, go to the closet/shed, where semtex grenades are located, the fourth part may be here.


  • This achievement is a reference to Oingo Boingo's song "Dead Man's Party".
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