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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.


Walker and his squad are in the sewer they entered in the previous mission.

Church: Sarge, we've got to clear the Germans out of these sewers. We should blow up all ladders leading to manholes to keep 'em from getting out. Use your explosives.

Walker uses a timed explosive on the first ladder. The squad moves further into the sewers.

Church: I'm not sure if this is better or worse than being topside.

They go down a spiraling staircase and encounter enemy resistance. While fighting their way through, Walker destroys two more ladders. Eventually, they encounter a machine gun nest.

Church: MG42! Take out the gunner in the nest!

The squad takes it out and moves forward. Walker destroys two more ladders. Further in, they find American soldiers pinned down by the enemy.

Church: The Germans have some of our boys pinned down!

The squad rescues the pinned down soldiers and regroups with them.

Barth: Hey. Thanks a lot, buddy! We're from third battalion. We came down here to keep those German rats from popping out of the sewers, but I guess they got the better of us for a while.

The two squads move up and search for a way out of the sewers. While moving up, the place shakes from a tank attack on the streets.

Church: Our tank column can't be far behind that strike. We need to get up to street level!

Walker destroys the final ladder. Nearby, they find an exit to the surface and the level ends.