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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile
"Welcome to the United Anti-Terrorism Coalition, ladies and gentlemen. We're... going dark."
— John Price

The United Anti-Terrorism Coalition, abbreviated as UAC, is a faction featured in Call of Duty: Mobile. It was formed by Captain Price as a countermeasure to "The Five Knights", a faction consisting of some of the most dangerous foes from the Call of Duty franchise.


Fight against Makarov & Mace

Ghost appears on horseback to intercept a group of mercenaries hiding in a shack in the desert. After disposing of them, he and a team of Rangers enter the shack's basement.

The team equips Hazmat suits as they enter. Upon arriving, they are ambushed by Mercenaries in Hazmat suits. After a short battle, they reach the lab only to find out that the scientists working there have been executed by the Mercs. Makarov appears on a TV screen revealing that he has ordered the execution to avoid the team interrogating the scientists. Makarov then remotely opens the gas valves releasing a shroud of radioactive gas which kills the Rangers. Ghost manages to escape and avoids a mercenary who was attempting to block his way. He runs outside only to witness a multitude of nuclear missiles launching.

Ghost and Tank Dempsey arrive in a destroyed city looking being ordered to find a "target". They are then ambushed by a Merc. After Tank notes that there was no tactical advantages Ghost uses a mirror from a broken car to pinpoint the location of the Merc and shoots him down. Tank identifies the LMG the merc was carrying as something that would have been supplied. Ghost then identifies a nearby Gulag as the duo's next destination. Upon entering, they encounter Mace, Krueger and two Mercenaries. After a short skirmish, Ghost chases Mace into the prison cells where the latter have a fight. Mace then retreats after being shot at by Tank who mentions that Krueger also managed to escape. The two then descend down a staircase and encounter Reznov.

Meeting Reznov and the Bunkers

Reznov, after a brief standoff between the soldiers, decides to inform Ghost and Tank of his assignments. He tells them that he was on a covert mission to a secret facility belonging to the Germans. He and his team rush forward an assault on the base. Despite the overwhelming gunfire, Reznov manages to survive the slaughter and enters the facility, encountering a gas called Nova 6. After executing all of the scientists in the facility, he retrieved the gas for the Russians, and they hid them in bunkers, Reznov then reveals that he is one of the few people who know where the bunkers are.

A group of Coalition soldiers consisting of Golem, Otter and an unnamed Frogman lead by Mara are traversing through a jungle. They witness Makarov entering a truck and driving towards a bunker. They follow the convoy and engage an assault. Mara runs into the bunker but is intercepted by Mace. She avoids Mace and holds Makarov hostage. To her horror, Mace shoots Makarov in the head and runs away. After meeting up with the other operators and informing them of Mace's escape, and she then discovers a hidden hatch underneath the floor. and the team goes through it to discover an EMP missile. However, it launches before they can defuse it.

Alcatraz & The Club

Disappointed with the recent mission failure, Ghost contemplates of how they gathered next to no intel about their enemies. Mace in disguise attacks a building with his team of mercenaries then goes to Alcatraz to meet with Hidora Kai. The two discuss on a plan which and agree to work together. The EMP missile, now in space dismantles itself, revealing a satellite inside which disables all electronic devices in the world, including military radio towers, communication centers, Mara and Soap's convoy and even the plane Ghost and Tank were flying in. Ghost and Tank survive the crash and head on to the coordinates received. They find themselves in a room called The Club where they meet with Mara and Captain Price. Captain Price then introduces the group to Russell Adler and officially inducts the operators into the UAC.

The group agrees on a plan to attack their enemies. Before leaving, Captain Price gifts Ghost a new balaclava which the latter accepts and wears. They split into multiple groups attacking certain areas. Mara's group attack Alcatraz. Ghost and Tank attack Hackney Yard and Price and Soap go to an unmarked location where they are ambushed by Templar. Tank enters one of the buildings and is ambushed by Mace. Mace quickly headbutts Tank and uses both of their weapons to execute him in front of Ghost. Mara confronts Hidora, and her team realizes the place is rigged to blow. Soap and Price to coordinate a takedown on Templar, but it fails, with Templar throwing a knife into Soap's chest. Although Price and Templar enter a standoff, Templar notes that Price's pistol might not be able to penetrate Templar's armor, and the fact that Soap doesn't have long. Reluctantly, Price decides to save Soap while Templar escapes. Eventually, Alcatraz is blown up, and Hidora escapes in the chaos. Mara, trapped inside the building, hopes that Ghost and the others completed their mission as the building collapses on her. Ghost, enraged, proceeds to beat Mace up, but refrains himself from simply shooting him.

In the aftermath, Ghost, Price, and Adler discuss the aftermath. With Mace and Markov either apprehended or dead, only three of the Five Knights remain. The men go over the injuries their teammates suffered, most notably Mara in a coma, and the men note that she may never come out of it. Ghost finally finishes with "We won a battle, I'm going to win the war."

War against the Five Knights

Ghost and Adler discuss about the ongoing war. As Ghost expresses grief for not being able to save Tank and the fact that they don't have enough time and intel, Adler comforts him by saying that they do have intel and mentions that there is a place in Siberia from where Makarov possibly got the Nova Gas from. He then says that it's coming all around the same way like it did during his days, and narrates his story. Some time during the Cold War, Adler led a small team into a Soviet facility in Siberia along with his friend Stansfield. They had found out crucial information about something that the Five Knights could also have gotten their hands on, and eventually carried out. However, during exfil, they were surrounded by a large group of enemies, and Stansfield stayed behind to cover their escape, only to be shot dead, which Adler could do nothing but watch in horror. Back in present day, Adler finishes his story by saying that both Stansfield and Tank knew what they were doing, and so should Ghost. When Ghost questions if the research facility is of any more importance, Adler says that there might be something left in there, although it will be a long shot. Ghost agrees and says that he will take it, to which Adler responds that they will have to wait, and Ghost must not rush for revenge. Ghost in response says that this is not about revenge, and they must get the intel before the Five Knights do. Adler replies that they cannot risk to lose any more men as the Five Knights already hit the other bases hard, and tells Ghost that he must be patient. Ghost takes it for an excuse to do nothing and walks away, much to Adler's dismay.

Overridden with guilt, Ghost comes to visit the still comatose Mara and expresses grief for not being able to save them. He then promises that he will end this for all and places Tank's dog tag on her palms before leaving. When Price cannot find Ghost, he comes to Soap asking for his whereabouts. Adler comes to them saying that he knows where Ghost is, and he is "doing something stupid". When Price asks what Adler has done, he replies that he told him about the operation in Siberia and his loss of his friend - Stansfield.

One Less Loose End

Ghost arrives via Snowmobile at the Soviet base Adler told him about and begins to investigate. He realises that someone has been here recently as he finds recently opened canned food and a map which is dated around the present. He is then startled by a voice saying: "The enemy of my my friend". The man turns out to me none other than Makarov. Ghost is surprised to see Makarov still alive, since Mara had confirmed he had been shot in the head. Makarov explains that Mace also saw him die but "appearances are deceiving" and that he needed to fake his death since their goals were diverged. Makarov also states that he knows that Ghost has arrived to seek information on how to defeat The Five Knights and that he has it. When questioned about their identity and goals, Makarov says that the Knights consist of 5 individuals with different goals but could be useful to each other as he was useful to them, and reveals their identities. Rorke is the head of mercenaries, Hidora is the head of the corporate section, Mace wanting only the downfall of the government, Raul Menendez wanting control of the system by hijacking it, and a fifth member whose identity Makarov says will keep to himself, unless Ghost takes him in. Ghost agrees, and as they exit the facility, Templar appears, blowing up Ghost's snowmobile. Ghost tells Makarov to run and fires at Templar. Unfortunately, the bullets cannot penetrate his armor and he mocks Ghost that he should have "brought bigger bullets". Templar then throws his knives at Ghost's P90, rendering it unusable. When Ghost attempts to hit him with the gun, Templar blocks and breaks it. Ghost then asks Templar who he is, to which Templar gives a short introduction and stabs Ghost the wrist with a throwing knife and performs a Coup de Grâce when Ghost tries to retaliate. As the latter's body falls to the ground, Templar takes his mask as a "souvenir", commenting that he expected more of an equal opponent, but on the bright side, "That's one less loose end".

Price and Soap arrive in a chopper looking for Ghost. Soap is surprised at the destruction caused and remarks "What the hell happened here?" Soon, they find a folded piece of paper on the bloodied ground, and Price remarks "Ghost might have been foolish to come here alone..", but ".. wasn't wrong about it being important." When Price picks up the paper, he finds Ghost's dog tag in it. It is then revealed that Makarov took Ghost's body, as he is seen dragging it towards a cliff. There, he rendezvous with a team of Ghosts led by Captain Merrick, and hands them over Ghost's body in exchange for a suitcase.

Capturing Raul Menendez

Sometime in the future, Mara awakens from her coma. It takes her a year to get fit for combat, after which she dons on her 'Awakening' uniform and jumps back into action. The scene then cuts to a rooftop where Mara knocks down and kills a soldier, accompanied by Alex. When she complains that Alex could be of some help, he replies that Mara would "want to shake off the rust" before they start the "heavy lifting". He also says that the situation is okay, more or less, while engaging an enemy sniper on another rooftop. Alex then gets a call from General Shepherd, stating that Charly's team has confirmed that Raul Menendez is in the building they're on but have lost contact and requires him to enter the building immediately. The two operators then rappel down into the building. They manage to clear out the building but are then shocked to see members of Charly's squad lying dead before them. They also find a wounded Charly, hiding in a cubicle and tend to her. Charly explains that she and her team managed to locate and apprehend Menendez in the building. However, they failed to notice Templar, who was also present at the scene. Templar made short work of Charly's squadmates and wounded Charly with his throwing knife while Menendez escaped. As Charly is carried away by Alex and Mara, she laments that she has blown their chance at stopping Cordis Die. Alex assures her that there's still a shot at capturing Menendez.

Mace and Alex travel to a prison holding Mace. There, they convince Mace to help the UAC capture Menendez. From there, Mace is given his freedom back and assists the UAC in infiltrating Menendez' hideout. They succeed, and Mace is able to apprehend Menendez personally.

Angel of Death & Tokyo

Meanwhile, Soap travels to Mexico to meet up with a DEA/CIA agent named Rosa who is known for her work against various drug cartels in the region. After introducing themselves to one another, Soap offers Rosa a job - working alongside the UAC.

Menendez is transferred to a prison, where he is interrogated by Price and Shepherd. There, Menendez reveals that Hidora Kai has returned to Tokyo, where he intends to rebuild the Five Knights. He also reveals that Templar has been dispatched to Texas to find what Ghost missed. After the interrogation, the remaining UAC members hold a mission briefing, where it is revealed Mara went rogue to uncover what happened to Ghost. There, Price states that Rosa, Charly and Mace will be accompanying Price's team to Texas. Soap and Alex, however, would be sent to Tokyo to apprehend Hidora Kai.

In Tokyo, Alex and Soap make haste to find Hidora Kai. They manage to locate the building he is in, and infiltrate the compound, taking out several of his henchmen along the way. After a skirmish, the pair manages to knock Hidora unconscious and exfiltrate via car with Hidora's henchmen in fierce pursuit. However, the exfiltration goes sideways when a figure resembling Spectre kills their driver and destroys their car. Forced to change their plans, Alex and Soap opt to steal a pair of motorcycles and once again knock Hidora out before taking him to the egress point. At the docks, there's a boat waiting for them; the pair manage to make it onto the boat while carrying Hidora, while his henchmen fall short of reaching him. With another member of the Five Knights apprehended, their boat then sails away, leaving Tokyo.

Mission in Jeopardy

In Texas, Price has brought along Charly, Rosa, Mace and several spec ops soldiers on their mission to find Templar. Unfortunately, the operation is revealed to have been a setup/ambush, as Templar swiftly eliminates the soldiers before engaging the UAC operators directly. It doesn't end there however, as Templar also has a consort, Dame, who assists him in their battle. Dame quickly disarms Charly and Rosa of their weapons and Templar throws a knife into Mace's hand, just as he had done to Ghost previously. Despite their valiant efforts, Price and his group are soon overpowered and defeated by the mercenary duo. After some banter between them, Gabriel Rorke appears, who is seemingly the mastermind behind the op and tells them that "Everything's in position".

During this time, Hidora is under interrogation by Shepherd, Alex and Soap. He refuses to divulge the identity of the 5th Knight, which only serves to irritate the trio. Instead, he tells them that they should be more concerned about their team in Texas.

Elsewhere, Adler meets up with Captain Merrick on his Ghosts ship. He suspects that Price and his team may have been lured into a trap as he hasn't received anything back from them, and then later visits the Ghosts' German Shepherd Riley.

Meanwhile, a vast armada being led by Vagr Modir catches up to the ship Hidora is in undetected. As Shepherd mocks Hidora saying things won't end up the way Hidora thinks it will, the ship's alarm goes off, having detected the armada. Hidora mocks back at Shepherd saying he is not the one mistaken about the outcome, as Alex and Soap gear up for defence.

As the attack begins, Alex admits that they are outnumbered and outgunned. Soap orders Modir to call her men off, but she refuses. Her wolf attacks Soap, giving her the opportunity to catch him off-guard and push him off the ship. She then tackles Alex and goes inside, only to find Shepherd holding Hidora at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Price says he's tired off the Five Knights, and mocks Rorke for being a puppet. Rorke replies that as long as there is a cash flow, he doesn't mind being one. Mace manages to break the pipe he was cuffed to, and attacks Rorke with it. Rosa also breaks out of her cuffs, but before she can do anything, Rorke tackles Mace and throws him onto her.

Twist of events

Rorke, having had enough of toying with them, draws his gun to Price's head and demands to know Adler's location, only for Adler to reveal himself--having brought reinforcements. Rorke mocks Adler for coming to him so soon, but then the latter remarks that he's also brought an "old friend"--something that apparently leaves Templar (and the rest of the operators) in shock and denial, as the old friend is revealed to be Ghost, apparently alive and accompanied by Riley, he then says his famous line, "You can't kill a Ghost".

Ghost then tells Templar they have a score to settle--so Templar responds by throwing his knife at him, but he catches it and swivels it around his wrist before he throws it back, hitting Rorke in the arm. Ghost then orders his fellow Ghosts to secure Rorke and the facility while he deals with Templar. Rorke decides to exfil, so he orders Dame to accompany him while Templar stays behind to deal with UAC operators. Rorke heads to a bunker underground where he intends to exfil via a helicopter. Unknown to him and Dame however, Adler is hiding and waiting for them there.

Known Operators

Known associates

The UAC is known for having undercover agents to support their operatives.




  • This faction was featured in an event titled "Knights Divided" in which they faced off against "The Five Knights". Choosing this faction and completing missions for it would unlock the Elite PMC - Ultramarine character and an Epic “Sapphire” blueprint for the Razorback.
  • In Season 12 comics, Price gives Ghost a Jawbone uniform. Although to avoid confusion, this is simply classified as a uniform for Ghost rather than changing him to his 2019 counterpart, being purely cosmetic.
    • Ghost was already wearing a Jawbone mask in the Season 6 comic, suggesting that Price took the mask from his Cowboy Uniform to give to him.