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U.S. Invasion of Panama
US invasion of Panama BOII

American checkpoint Panama BOII
Above: The invasion as seen by Navy SEALs as they go in the outskirts of the Panama City.
Below: An U.S Army Rangers checkpoint during the invasion.


Cold War


December 20th, 1989 - January 31st, 1990



  • PDF dissolved
  • End of military dictatorship in Panama

Flag of the United States United States

Flag of Panama Panama


Flag of the United States Jason Hudson
Flag of the United States Capt. Alex Mason (KIA/MIA)
Flag of the United States Sgt. Frank Woods (WIA)

Flag of Panama General Manuel Noriega
Cordis Die Logo BOII Raul Menendez


23 killed

205-314 killed

The United States invasion of Panama, also known as Operation Just Cause, was a military conflict lasting from December 20, 1989 to January 31, 1990. It is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, where U.S. forces bomb Panama City, while Navy SEALs, Alex Mason and Frank Woods go in and capture Manuel Noriega.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

On December 19, Alex Mason and Frank Woods meet at Mark McKnight's home in Clayton, Panama for discussing Noriega's capture, and on December 20, during the midnight attack, deploy closeby to the Panama City, starting the search for Noriega. Alex and Frank move to a nearby airfield, where they see Noriega's jet, but Noriega was in a hotel not far from the airfield. The team arrives at the hotel and capture Noriega, and later are informed by Hudson that he is an HVI and must be taken to a US Army checkpoint for a prisoner exchange. The exchange was going to take place at the Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal. The prisoner is brought out with his head bagged and restrained by Panamanian soldiers. Woods is told to shoot, he does so and when Woods removes the bag to confirm the kill, he notices that the target was Mason instead of Menendez, and tries to shoot Noriega for payback, but is suddenly ambushed by Menendez, who shoots his kneecaps and headbutts him, knocking him out. Woods awakens to find Alex's body, Hudson tied to a chair and David tied to a pole while in a trance. Hudson admits that he was forced to manipulate Woods, in order to prevent David from being killed. Menendez says that one of the three people must also die, or in ten seconds they're all dead. Hudson at first, hesitates saying that he has two kids, but unwilling to let David or Woods die for what he has done, he immediately tells Menendez to kill him. Menendez shoots Hudson with his shotgun in both of his knees, then slits his throat with the point of Josefina's heart shaped pendent. Instead of killing Woods too, he leaves while telling him that he will now feel as much as pain as he had when Josefina died. Before he leaves, he moves close to David and shows him the heart-shaped pendent telling him that one day David will see it again, and that when he does, David will remember what happened that night, and will come to Menendez. Then, as Menendez leaves the room, David wakes from his trance, and begins crying when he sees the corpse of his father, Alex.

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