In Call of Duty: Ghosts, sometime in 2017, several regions in the southwestern United States of America are decimated by the country's own kinetic orbital weapon - the ODIN Space Station. As a direct result of the strike, America has lost its superpower status and finds itself in a defensive war against a new superpower called the Federation of the Americas. The Federation invades the United States and the two sides fight to a bitter and bloody stalemate along a 10-mile swath of territory across the southern U.S. called "No Man's Land." With their military forces struggling to repel the invasion from the south, U.S. Special Operations Command creates an elite special operations force capable of waging clandestine combat operations with limited resources against superior forces. Called the Ghosts, these elite soldiers soon become America's greatest hope for victory. During the war, the United States special operations forces and Ghosts have conducted combat operations extensively across No Man's Land and further inside Federation territory. So far, it appears the guerrilla war has kept the United States within maintaining a fighting chance in its defensive war against the Federation.

U.S.A. Flag 48 stars Reveal Trailer CODG
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