The Unknown Chemical Weapon was a chemical weapon used during World War III as part of Makarov's plan to bring Europe into The Third World War.

World War IIIEdit


The weapon was first used during the October 6, 2016 Terrorist Attacks. Trucks containing the weapon were detonated in several major European cities, including London and Paris. In Return to Sender, Captain Price uses a canister of the gas to threaten Waraabe. The gas is then seen, and can be interacted with, during the mission Bag and Drag, forcing Delta Force operatives Sandman, Grinch, and Frost to wear gas masks, as well as Sabre and the rest of the GIGN as they track down the Chemical bombs maker, Volk.

Spec OpsEdit

The weapon appears during the Spec Ops mission Toxic Paradise where the players, in Juggernaut suits, must navigate the chemical ridden streets of Paris, collecting samples of the weapon.

The weapon also appears in a much more weaponized version, during the mission Flood the Market. Mortars filled with the weapon are fired at the player. The mortars hurt when they explode, and then the chemicals continue to injure the player. After a while, the chemical cloud will dissipate.

In Survival Mode, Chemical Agents are seen carrying this gas. It is also emitted from the mines they set around the map. This gas doesn't seem to damage enemies, even the ones without gas masks.



  • If the player comes across the gas, but is not wearing a gas mask, it will slowly cause more and more damage to the player in a way similar to Nova Gas grenades. However, the effects appear not to make the player cough, unlike Nova Gas. The gas is also a similar green color.
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