For a similar feature in Zombies, see Pack-a-Punch Machine.

The Upgrade Station is a feature in the Exo Zombies game mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Overview Edit

It acts similarly to the Pack-a-Punch machine from Zombies, but there are a few major differences. Upgrades are permanent, meaning one can get rid of an upgraded gun and then buy it again off the wall or from the 3D Printer but without needing to start over with all the upgrades. Players to upgrade their weapons a maximum of 19 times per weapon up to Mk20. Each map has a secret experimental Upgrade Station which can be unlocked by completing the Easter Egg and will allow players to upgrade one more time (for a grand total of 20 upgrades) to Mk25.[1] Each time the player upgrades the gun, it will replenish ammo, gain a new camouflage, and get increased stats. In specific Mk levels, a new attachment (such as a Laser Sight or Red Dot Sight) may be added or maximum ammunition may be increased. What camo a weapon gets is decided by the Mk level, and the final upgrade to Mk25 grants diamond camo.

Locations: Edit

Outbreak Edit

  • Administration: In the next room to the right of the Decontamination Zone.
  • Holding: In a small room to the right of the main door from the Main Hub with a Power Switch that turns on Exo Health and Exo Soldier.
  • Exo Testing Room: To the right of the Trash Chute (unlocked after the completion of the Easter Egg).

Infection Edit

  • Burger Town: In the kitchen area.
    • Inside the giant burger sign, which is only unlocked after the completion of the Easter Egg.
  • Value Voltage: In a small room near a 3D Printer.

Carrier Edit

Descent Edit

  • Galleria: In between the stairs that lead to the exo suits.
  • Lounge: In the circular room, across from Exo Soldier.
  • Tidal Generator: In the room unlockable via easter egg.
  • Oz's Chamber: Across from the 3D Printer.
  • Oz's Memory: Where the Bulldog would be on Outbreak.



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