Urzikstan is a fictional country featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Urzikstan is a peninsula on the eastern border of the Black Sea located in the Caucasus Region, bordering the Russian Federation to the north and Georgia to the east. The capital is Sakhra where the Embassy of the United States is located. The climate is mostly arid, and the official language is Arabic.


Russian InvasionEdit

In 1999, Russian General Roman Barkov invaded the country after Chechnyan terrorist attacks in Urzikstan and against the Russian Spetsnaz. This is why General Roman Barkov ordered his troops to commit atrocities against the people of Urzikstan, ruling the country with an iron fist. Under Barkov's rule, the Urzikstani people were used as workforce, receiving rations as payment for their work. The fate of the original government and military of Urzikstan is not stated.


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After the Tobrak Prison Break in 2009, many POWs led by Farah Karim founded the Urzikstan Liberation Force, a western-backed militia. Meanwhile, Omar Sulaman founded Al-Qatala instead of joining the ULF, as he was against the idea of any foreign presence within Urzikstan.

End of Russian OccupationEdit

In November 2019, General Barkov and his forces were defeated in Georgia by a joint operation between the CIA, SAS, and the Urzik Militia. As Russia officially disowned Roman Barkov, the occupation of Urzikstan came to an end.

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