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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"This occupation must end. That we can all agree on, yes?"
Farah Karim

The Urzikstan Insurgency is a 20-year-long multi-sided conflict between the Western-backed resistance, the domestic terrorist group Al-Qatala and the Russian general Roman Barkov's forces. It is the most prominent conflict that takes place during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).


Russian invasion of Urzikstan

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In 1999, the Russian Armed Forces led by rogue General Roman Barkov entered the country of Urzikstan, sparking the insurgency. As local resistance try to regain control in the occupied areas, Barkov launched a full-scale invasion of the country, taking large numbers of innocent lives by deploying chemical weapons and firing on civilians. Young Urziks were captured by Barkov and sent to forced labour camps in Tobrak.

Escape from Tobrak

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10 years after the Russian invasion, Commander Farah Karim led an escape from the Tobrak prison camp. During the escape, she encountered Lieutenant John Price and his squad, which marked the first cooperation between Farah's rebels and Western military units. The escape would significantly escalate the conflict as Farah would found the organized Urzikstan Liberation Force next year.

Omar Sulaman's split with Western forces

Omar Sulaman, a major figure in the anti-occupation movement, announced his split with all foreign powers including Western forces in 2013. He would later become the leader of the global terrorist organization Al-Qatala as "The Wolf" and join the war against both Russia and the ULF.

Course of the Insurgency

Raid on Barkov's facility in Verdansk

The CIA launched a joint operation sending "Alex" and the Marine Raiders, in an attempt to recover chlorine gas at General Barkov facility in Verdansk, Kastovia, that is supposed to be transported to Urzikstan and be used against the population. During the operation, an unknown attack occured against the team, which only "Alex" survived. However, it was later revealed that what was believed to be either an ULF or Al-Qatala terrorist attack was actually a gunfight perpetrated by an insurgency cell led by Hadir Karim, who stole the chlorine gas for himself and unintentionally killing some marines believing to be Barkov's Mercenaries.

Attack on Barkov's Airbase

On October 26th, 2019, Commander Karim, leader of the Urzikstan Liberation Force and "Alex" attacked Barkov's airbase, killing several of his men and eventually capturing some armories. After US air support assisted in destroying the base, the ULF captured the base.

Highway of Death ambush

Later, Farah, Alex, Hadir, and the ULF arrived at Tariq Almwat, and ambushed the Wolf's men, killing several AQ militants. Unfortunately for them, Barkov's army arrived and attacked. Suffering heavy losses, and outnumbered, Hadir betrayed Alex by using Russian gas that he captured in Verdansk, and used it to kill Barkov's men. Farah denounced Hadir's actions before passing out. Hadir then told Alex that he in fact did steal the gas, but only to help them in the fight.


After Barkov's death, the Urzikstan Insurgency ended with a ULF victory. Unfortunately, Al Asad and Al-Qatala-Aljahdid managed to invade Verdansk, but lost a lot of soldiers and had their stockpiles destroyed by Armistice forces. Which crippled AQ, but Armistice ended up fighting each other due to AQ releasing huge amounts of poison gas, as Victor Zakhaev allowed Al-Asad to return to Urzikstan while his troops continue causing chaos in Verdansk.