"May God have mercy on my enemies, because I sure as hell won't." - General George S. Patton

"In every battle, there must be a winner." - 7th Body


Hello and welcome to my page!

I mostly use Wikia for the talk page (Mostly the CoD7 one) but I also like to fix up things here, too. CoD series are my favorite seires of anything by far, and i have played all of them, and own almost all of the main games.

I live in the U.S, but Canada is my favorite country, and I would LOVE another game with a Canadian campaign.

Most of my friends say that I knew more about World War 2 when I was 9 years old then I should of. I just love learning about war.

Im not the best speller, but I make sure everythings right when I make an edit. Also, I'll sometimes forget to sign my post, so dont get mad.

Stuff About Me Edit

As you already know, I like canada, but I still love my country America. I might join the marines when i'm older. Another thing about me is that I will stand up for what i believe for, even if i'm standing alone.

I play most of the Call of Duty still, but mostly Modern Warfare 2. I sometimes play CoD 3 for fun, though.

For my opinion on the Desert Eagle, I'm not the biggest fan. I like the M9 a lot better. The Desert Eagles got a huge kick, and horrible accuracy after you shoot.

I also play two instruments. I play the guitar, and the Saxophone (or the saxamaphone as I like to call it) Also, I'm in chorus.

Gamer TagEdit

My gamer tag is Sound Snake 14. I mostly play Domanation and Sabatoge, but I will play anything. I have a mic

Other Wiki's You May Find Me On:Edit

Bioshock Wiki. Im not on there all the time, but i do what I can.

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