AK47 lover

aka A-Man-Best

  • I live in Istanbul
  • I was born on September 1
  • I am Male
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Ak47 This user loves the AK-47!

NOTE: Thanks to my school, I may not be able to be 100% active for some time.

Hey people, this is AK47 lover. I love the COD series. I may not be an expert but i know how to get an AC-130! I like taking the life o the lighter side. Just chill out and enjoy the moment. I am also not very good at wikis but I will try to do my best and help this wiki. Now its time to leave being an anon and really help this wiki.


  • Enter the wiki
  • Make an edit
  • Learn how to spell Attachment
  • Achieve 50 edits
  • Vote for article of the month
  • Become the user of the month

Call of Duty games I ownEdit


That was a helluva year!

Personal AK47 lover AMILLITAKIM

Let's do it again!

Connection Interrupted This user hates lag.

Weapon camo menu orange fal This user loves Fall Camo!

Modern Warfare 2 cover This user loves Modern Warfare 2!

PS3 This user plays COD on PS3, but couldn't care less about whose console is "better". (Play the game on your console and enjoy it, there's no need to insult everyone else's console of choice)
Default sniper scope reticle This user hates Quick-scoping!

Personal Maj.Gage ATEFI logo This user is in the Alliance to End Firearm Ignorance!
Faction Taskforce141 This user loves Task Force 141!
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