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aka Daniel

  • I live in Northern Hemisphere
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Well what can i say i like call of Duty (and Bully scholarship edition see the name!) a got this account on that wiki. I'm majorily fowling talk: usmc my favorite guns for the cods i'v played cod2-BO2.

cod 2 Allies: m1 Russian allies:PPS-42 Axis: MP44

cod3 Allies: Bar Axis Mp40

cod 4: M4A1

cod 5: MG42 or well Ray Gun

cod 6: M240 or M16A4

cod 7: AK-47 or Commando

cod 8: XM25

cod 9: Executioner

I used to be nohi but of cource i frogot the password deleted the E-Mail and changed E-mail and frogot my old E-mail will someone HELP! hahaha dumb me Favorite map: Tujan Tunisha cod2. well thats me hay go to usmc talk and see what you thing about Jay King ( go on the list).

RIP Unnamed Middle Eastern CountryEdit


press F to pay repsect

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