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Welcome and a bit about Myself

This is AdvancedRookie, welcoming you to my userpage. I'm a semi active user on this wiki, here daily, but busy throughout. I'm here to mainly edit the wiki, and do licensing of images. Contact me if you have any requests of queries. I'm also on IRC and occasionally on chat. I mainly work to fix grammar, spelling and page formatting on the articles, as well as categorising. I'm always happy to help, so just ask! If you need some map info or trivia or some screenshots just ask and I will try my very best to get it!

I'm an avid PC gamer, as well as owning consoles and hand-helds. For anyone who's interested, my steam ID is "Lord Cashpoint", so just send me a friend request, and if I can work out who you are on the wiki, I'm sure we can start gaming anytime soon. I am the founder of the Anti Jack Thompson group which since it has started has gained a lot of members. If you want to find out more about the group and maybe join go to here. I am also an administrator on the Modern Warfare wiki.AR Sig

Friends (Feel free to add)

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  • Doc.Richtofen
  • BGA
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  • Cpt.Carebear
  • Mau5killer
  • CallOfDuty925
  • João Lima

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Games I currently play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Sonic Generations

Battlefield 3

Dead Island

Mario Kart 7

Super Mario 3D Land

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Men of War Vietnam

Pages I have created




Stalker (perk)


Blast Shield (perk)

Blind Eye

Airdrop Trap

Remote Turret

Ballistic Vests

Recon Drone

Juggernaut (Game Mode)

Gameplay screenshots

Pictures are always being added, so remember to check regularly!

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