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I'm back! If you still want to hear more of my opinions, come visit my blog. It's kinda Maddox-like: needless ranting, random words for humor, and months between updates.

What the Random Quote generator has in store for you now:

"If you think Taco Bell is real Mexican food, you're probably not aware that Aerosol Cheese or Velveeta is the real thing, huh?"
— Me

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If you wanted to know, my username is pronounced "uh-kyo-yo" all at once, with no stress on any given syllable.

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I have a habit of correcting "rounds" or "bullets" into "cartridges", and I absolutely DESPISE when people use the word "clip" in the wrong context, so I'll correct that if they do. I usually hurt people who do that in real life, instead. I feel it's one of my many duties on this wiki to protect everyone from that kind of ignorance.

I know a lot about firearms in general, and the military, so, chances are, you can come to me with real-life or in-game questions about that stuff.

I was User of the Month in September of '09.

Friends Edit

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I've been on this wiki for quite some time, and have gotten to know (or just know) pretty much everyone here. Remember, I love all you guys, (except vandals), but I've got to say my closest friends are (in no particular order):

Don't feel bummed out if you think you should be on that list. I probably think you're a cool user, too, but I just don't know you that well.

Games PlayedEdit

Modern Warfare 2 cover This user has the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2!

Out of the Call of Duty franchise, hand-held versions not counted:

Game Completed? Owned? Platform
Call of Duty Yes Yes PC
Call of Duty: United Offensive Yes Yes PC
Call of Duty: Finest Hour No Yes PlayStation 2
Call of Duty 2 N/A* N/A* N/A*
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Yes No GameCube
Call of Duty 3 No Yes Xbox 360
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Yes Yes Xbox 360
Call of Duty: World at War Yes Yes Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2** Yes Yes Xbox 360
Call of Duty Classic No Yes Xbox 360

*  Never Played
** Semi-active on Xbox Live Multiplayer (see below)

Xbox LiveEdit

Xbox360 This user plays Call of Duty on the Xbox 360.

I use my brother's gamertag to go on live. It's in the parentheses (The Jyuu). Stupid, I know, but I didn't come up with it. If you want to see if you can play CoD4 or Nazi Zombies (Der Riese or Shi No Numa only) with me, I'll happily oblige.

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USA This user wants to join the military someday!

If you feel like calling me by my real name, that would be Ari. Yes, I'm a guy, Ari is just a Hebrew name. It means "lion". My parents wanted me to have a religious name, which is now ironic, because I'm an atheist.

I want to join the Army after high school, (hence the signature), particularly the 101st Airborne Division, and someday, if I work hard enough at it, I'll become the next Sergeant Major of the Army.

Being a Screaming Eagle is in my blood, my great-uncle Leo (who my dad was named after, he's so great) was a jumper, and sniper, of the 101st in WWII, coincidentally. He made it through Operation: Market Garden, the Battle of Bastogne, and jumping behind enemy lines the night before D-Day. There's also a place in Belgium, I think, that is named after him, because he killed 5 Nazis, walking right next to each other down a sidewalk, with ONE .30-06 bullet fired from an M1903 Springfield.


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My signatures:

--  Ari "Akyoyo" MacIsaac · Talk 

"Four Tilde":
-- Akyoyo (Talk) 01:03, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Maybe when I join the Army, I'll use a signature with my real rank in it.

My Creations Edit

Pages Edit

I've only created three pages so far, the Mosin Nagant Ammo (misc. weapon) page, the Talk page for the SKS, and the Nemesis page. I also have my own sandbox, and a "Wants" page; things I'd like to see in Call of Duty.

Images Edit

I have actually uploaded quite a few pictures. Here are their links.

Media:Sten Suppressed UO.png

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