Armed Soldier

aka Armed Soldier(Real Name Classified)

  • I live in Asia (Read Introduction)
  • My occupation is Non of your business
  • I am Male

Introduction Edit


I'm a guy living in the Philippines who loves FPS games especially military FPS and others. Call of Duty is obviously one of them. When I played Call of Duty, it delve me into the world of video gaming. I don't see video gaming as a life, I see it as a past time activity. I do other stuff besides playing such freestyle rapping, exercising, etc. Started looking at this joint like it's "meh, okay". When Advanced Warfare came out and when I saw the information of the maps, I had to do something to give out information to upcoming players, so I did. The expanded info on the MP maps have been added in and worked on(thanks to the Admin)

Military FPS List Edit

Here is the full list of my favorite military FPS games:

1. Call of Duty franchise

2. Battlefield franchise

3. Counter Strike franchise

4. Insurgency

5. America's Army franchise

6. Operation Flashpoint

Arma doesn't count as FPS but I still play it. Medal of Honor use to be in the list but that game wasn't too exciting.

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