Hi I'm BeatOli! I love Call of Duty although the best aspect I think is Zombies. I have all zombie maps except revamped WaW maps.

Rounds On ZombiesEdit

Nacht Der Untoten: 17

Verruckt: 21

Shi No Numa: 21

Der Riese: 31

Kino Der Toten: 31

Five: 26

Dead Ops: 14

Ascension: 24

Call of the Dead: 21

Shangri-La: 27

Moon: 17

Game KillsEdit

  • Ouch.
  • Got the sucker right in the mouth
  • First knife kill of a game.
  • When he ran out of ammo it seemed like a good idea...
  • Damn, that's gotta hurt!
  • A relaxing sunbathe turns into a nightmare
  • A new head of office.
  • Hey there? Wanna dance?
  • Protecting the bomb.
  • I stood behind him for a few seconds just looking at him...
  • Me, shortly before getting a far range kill
  • I got revenge for the person he killed....
  • Shotguns are the messiest.
  • I love the Ballistic Knife for this
  • Ow
  • The same person in the same place.
  • I was chasing him around the map without him knowing.
  • Me reloading my trusty SPAS-12
  • Ready for action
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